Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New Look but Same Old Websites! Plus A MUST READ FOR ALL THE HYIP INVESTORS

After a very long await and what seemed to be an endless suffering from the very nasty DNS attacks I received (yes, as most of you know or to some who don't, the very reason why I have been away is due to the consistent and unending DNS attacks I have been receiving... I would have to admit that I had to do a lot of 'transferring' of host providers in order to get things done. And luckily, I fell into the hands of hostgator.com who are very consistent when it comes to customer services. Hands down to them for their patience and never ending support and help.)

In any case, as I have promised everyone I would like to start anew by refreshing everyone the importance of the different KNOWS and DON'T here in the HYIP industry. I do understand that for those veterans out there, this seems to be kind of 'replay' but yes, we do have to admit that we have to be remind on these very BASIC but very IMPORTANT reminders. Sometimes, when we are too naive that we are already the pros and veterans in the industry, sometimes this mentality gets us really bad and at a very unexpected date and time.

So without any further waiting, here are the tips and tricks that I have learned, gathered, nurtured and shared to a lot of the people out there. I do hope that this will also guide everyone in their very own journey in the industry, may you be the amateur or the pro:

HYIP Strategies, Tips, Tricks and Techniques

1. Do not be greedy 
a. Once you start exploring the HYIP programs, you will find out that thousands of programs are out there, ranging from .01% to 1000%. By common sense, those programs which offer too much profit are definitely not going to sustain. Always aim for return of capital first, before thinking about increasing your profit through compounding if available.

2. First In First Out Rule 
a. Most of the HYIPs by nature are in fact Ponzi schemes. This means that the investors who discovered the program first are the ones to gain the most profit. In general, the longer the program has been running, the more likely they accumulate company loses. As time goes by, there will be lesser funds coming in compared to going out, and they will have no other choice but to shut down.

3. Web design, uniqueness and accessibility 
a. One of the most essential indicators of a good HYIP is the web page. Those administrators of programs that want to make their program last long will usually take the time to make their site(s) look and feel the best without compromising accessibility. They will outrun the other programs by getting ahead of the completion through innovation and uniqueness on their programs. On the other hand, those who only want to take in as much money as possible before running usually will quickly put together a site that looks like a replica of another.

4. Evaluate the programs referral system 
a. Most of the programs offer a bonus to the referrer for introducing the program. They usually give 1-10% of each deposit done by the referral. Programs with lesser percentage for referral bonus are generally more stable than those programs which provide too many returns with every referral. But you should also take into consideration that if there are no referrals, there will be no deposits which in turn is used to pay you. Again if the program is a Ponzi scheme, you want a program that will have a high number of investors.

5. Exercise Due Diligence 
a. Due Dilligence also referred to as “DD” or DDU” is the process of verifying a program. This includes but not limited to the following: 
                i. Verifying the address of the company 
                ii. Contacting the phone number given 
                iii. Investigating the domain name, date of registration, expiration and copyright 
                iv. Checking out the IP address

6. Know the “What’s HOT and What’s NOT” 
a. Programs that create more noise are more likely to succeed in comparison to programs that are dull and boring. Investigate the forums like TalkGold.com and Moneymakergroup.com for the most active HYIP threads. These are the programs that you want to invest into the soonest possible.

7. Do not wait in vain 
a. A very common mistake a potential investor does is to wait for enough proofs before actually diving into the program. You should avoid this trap. Remember #2, as much as possible you want to join a potentially good program right away to gain maximum profit.

8. Check the standard template for statistics 
a. Most often, HYIPs display their statistics. You need to take note of the number of investors and the ratio between the amount deposited and amount withdrawn. If the number of new active members grows fast it’s a good sign. When the total withdrawals amount come close to the deposits amount it means the program will be closed soon. If the withdrawal amount barely changes, this is also a sign that you should not invest. HYIP admin gets the profit from the difference between deposits and withdrawals.

a. HYIP pros are fully aware that these types of programs inherent risks. Therefore, they take extra steps to minimize the risk by diversifying their investments. By distributing their investments, they avoid greater lose whenever a single program shuts down. As an end result, they still have running programs with their investments earnings. Always remember this: NEVER FALL IN LOVE WITH ONE PROGRAM.

10. Never, ever invest money you can not afford to lose 
a. The most important tip is this one. I cannot over emphasis it more that HYIP is like a gamble. Pretend you are playing a Texas Hold’ em instead of investing. Like the game, there is no assurance that you will win, but with the right strategies, techniques and tricks, you can definitely make a large sum of money. 
As a whole, HYIPs offer the highest yield or return in comparison to any other investment programs. In return, it has higher risks in comparison to other, but as the saying goes the higher the risks, the higher the rewards. Given the right strategies, techniques and tricks in looking for that promising program, you can make a hell lot of fortune from it! 
The following are the programs I have researched and have been investing a slightly higher amount than any other programs. I am not forcing you to join them but I leave it to your sound decision whether you want to join these programs or not.

Know more about the different Tip, Tricks and Strategies in The HYIP Bulletin Website

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