Thursday, June 6, 2013

Back, Alive and Kicking!

Yes you have read it guys just right. It is not just the return of all the students, or teachers that everyone has been anticipating.

For those who have been very patient and excited about the announcement for the return of 'The HYIP Bulletin,' today is the mark for the formal return of the site.

It has been a very long pause and for those who have no idea of what has happened, it all began when I had to transfer to a new hosting provider.

Unfortunately, on the first try of the transfer, there were a lot of problems that I have to face. And due to the fact that waiting for a response from them took a lot longer I was forced to create a new hosting domain.

That was the time I announced the launching of Although at first it was good to have a 'new' online site, it just doesn't feel right not to be at 'home' with everything.

I have been too accustomed to what my previous host provider gave me and the accessibility and the services offered were just way too much better compared to what I have had then.

Thus, I started searching for new and better alternative. And finally after finding a host provider that also allows me to set up my 'home' I then hastily and excitedly built my website with them.

The best part of this decision is that they are also providing the services which my old provider is giving me. Now, the reason why it took so long is due to some complications on the transfer of my domain and the security of some 'stuff' took us awhile to fix everything up.

But what's important now is that the website is finally back up and running and there is not better timing that to officially announce my return together with the 'Back to School Season.'

Speaking of back to school, I would like to start some write ups later today with 're-educating' ourselves about what 'The HYIP Bulletin' is all about, what is the purpose of the website, and also the very important things that WE need to know and be ALWAYS reminded of most specially due to the nature of this industry.

Stay tune for more...

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