Monday, November 25, 2013

New Program Added On The List: DailySharePro

A very interesting program has been added to my list of programs today which is called DailySharePro.This program has been in the industry for a couple of days now (13 to be exact), and although I happen to be absent for quite some time in the industry, this program seems not to miss out my attention. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the website itself was very much well-made and looks to be well prepared by the program admin.


As we all know in the industry, first impression is a very huge factor and due to the very serious nature of the HYIP environment, the program needs to back a huge amount of preparation, planning, and correct execution in the launching of their programs and at the same time, promote and manage it. I would dare say that DailyShareProis well-versed and a no-newbie to these sort of stuff.

Basically, the program is an advertising site as this seems to be one of the most popular and trending hit of today but unlike most of the advertising sites out there, what I truly like about their style is that everything is well laid-out. I am referring to how they strategically place each and every banners and posters the 'advertisers' are purchasing. In comparison to others, they seem to forget the most important part of advertising, and so as long as they can place their posters and banners on practically anywhere they want, then everything is fine. That truly defeats the purpose.

For those who have been following me before, or for those of you who are new to The HYIP Bulletin community, I happen to review programs on different criteria and these criteria are the ones we will be looking at for today:

I. Financial Section - 9 out of 10
II. Content, Design & Miscellaneous - 8.5 out of 10
III. Technicality, Security & Safety - 9 out of 10
IV. Advertising & Promotional Strategies - 9 out of 10
V. Support System - 8.5 out of 10
OVERALL RATING - 8.8 out of 10

The program is categorized under the long term investment programs and these means that there is a higher chances of staying alive in comparison to the other HYIP programs out there. They promise to give you an interest rate of 1% daily for a total of 180 days, which means that you practically earn a total profit of 80% by the end of term. But, if you happen to be a premium member and has a BitCoin account, then these means that you may earn for more than just the 1% you have daily, which is another absolute plus for the programs financial section which is also another means of the programs source of income.

There are two dynamics on the program's cash out system. The first type is that if you are enrolled as a premium member, then you can withdraw instantly your profit for a minimum of only $1. And should you be enrolled as a free member, a minimum of only $5 earning is require to process them. Do take note however that in order for you to earn profit, you have got to surf at least 25 ads daily. But worry not much because this is an autosurf program, which means that you this is a very simply task to do considering the fact that you just practically sit there as your money grows every day. So, you can view the ads, without you having to click them and you just go and continue on whatever you are doing while the autosurf program does the ads surfing for you.

Another very common practice in the HYIP industry, which is also an essential system to all programs (it is basically the heart and soul of every business out there) is the affiliate program. These means that should you have the skill to promote the program, then the admin gives you a bonus from 2% up to 4% for every affiliate you have enrolled. All you have to do is simply let them join by signing up under you using your referral link (this is given to you as soon as you sign up on the program).

And should you decide to invest on the program, then you are very much welcome to do so by enrolling via Solidtrustpay, OKPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, and of course BitCoin. This is another consideration to be looked at for a fact that they have a huge selection of investment funds for you to be able to join with them, and thus a wider market for the program to last longer.

The program is hosted under Staminus Communications which is one of the huge hosting providers known not only in the HYIP industry, but also to other programs out there. They are registered under a dedicated IP and over the nameservers of NS1.101DOMAIN.COM, NS5.101DOMAIN.COM, and NS2.101DOMAIN.COM which gives then an extra buffer and a huge capacity to be able to withstand any attempts of a DDOS attacks on the website. This ensures them then that the entire website and its functionalities will be set to run for a long time without having to worry about any of those downtimes which could give a huge upset for the program. To those who are not familiar with DDOS, this is one of the main reasons for the industry to have some programs crush down to shadows after a DDOS attack happens and sometimes could be the very reason why some of those programs are cast unto the blanket along with history.

They are also well secured with an SSL protection provided by COMODO CA Limited which has a Positive SSL CA 2 V3 key and the entire site is also well-secured upon their unique serial number certificate which was provided to them with a validity signature from 10/15/2013 up until 10/16/2014 period.
Since this company basically works on the advertising section, it is very much imperative that they totally know what they are doing when it comes to the promotion and growth of its very own program, and this can be very much seen on how they are making the program grown through strategic advertising. Much can be seen that despite the fact that the program is only just a few days old in the industry, we can already see the numerous counts of banners, and promotional materials about the program on the different monitoring boards, and respective forums and threads. Much as to be said, I would say that they have invested a good amount of time and money on the right places thus once again I can say that the program admin is pretty much well-knowledgeable to what they are doing.

And last but not the least, one element that is very much needed in the industry and also a huge factor in order for a program to be successful is its ability to win and hearts and minds of its people. And one of these are its accessibility to its customers and inquirers via the technical and support channel. DailyShareProhas an open-line ticket system wherein an estimated reply time of within few minutes up to 24 hours max time for you to get a reply at.

All in all, I would say that DailyShareProhas shown me a huge amount of promising points which totally outshines the other programs out there in the industry and although there are a lot of new programs which are also as promising as they are, so far this program has already shown what they can do, has done, and I am looking forward for more. But although there is no certain thing as a certain win in the industry, should you decide to invest on DailySharePro, make sure that it is a reasonable amount which you are willing to invest on and of course should you invest on them make sure that they are simply just a part of your wide and varied part of your investment programs in this industry.

But most importantly, should you decide to invest on them, always make sure that you sign up under The HYIP Bulletin’s RCB program in order for you guys to be able to claim your 100% referral commissions which is received through each of your deposits here in The HYIP Bulletin.

Watch out for the opening of the new website to be launched within this week! And make sure to be updated with the daily news and update only here in The HYIP Bulletin.

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