Saturday, January 25, 2014

BettingParadize: Latest HYIP Program Added

BettingParadize is the latest investment program has been added to my programs list today. This new program is a middle to long term investment program and thus their investment programs are designed to provide you with a considerable income on a daily basis. And like any other HYIP programs here in The HYIP Bulletin, it is also included in my RCB program (referral commissions back) wherein you can ask for the referral commissions I receive from your deposits.


Now let us have a closer and more detailed view on BettingParadize and what it can offer us. As an overview, BettingParadize creates you daily profits by betting on different games with a ‘foresight’ of who has the higher possibilities of winning certain games, which most likely are from the sports industry and wherein the bets are coming from you guys depositing on their accounts. Here is a summary rating for the program, and do make sure to read further for a more detailed review:

I. Financial Section – 8.5 out of 10
II. Content, Design & Miscellaneous - 8.5 out of 10
III. Technicality, Security & Safety - 9 out of 10
IV. Advertising & Promotional Strategies - 9 out of 10
V. Support System - 9 out of 10
OVERALL RATING - 8.8 out of 10

But let us have a closer and more detailed view on BettingParadize and what it can offer us. For those who are starting up in this industry, one thing you should know about the HYIP industry is that everything is uncertain, and yet despite all these uncertainties we also cannot deny the fact that the industry also offers a lot of possibilities and opportunities to grow your income too. So as long as you play it wisely then you should not be afraid of losing a few and gaining some more income.

Like any other long term investment programs out there, BettingParadize plans’ ranges from 0.8% up to 2% daily profit on their first investment plan which requires a minimum deposit of $10 and up to $10,000 and is called the PROFESSIONAL PLAN, while the second investment plan ranges from 1.4% up to 2.8% daily profit on their second investment plan and is called the OLYMPIC PLAN. The good thing about long term investment plans is that you do not have to worry so much about programs closing on their early stages of program lifetime due to the fact that the program owner or administrator is able to pay the investors early on in contrast to other investment programs offering a higher daily profit but eventually becomes a challenge on the later age of the program’s lifetime, unless the program admin is really a great player and well—experience in the HYIP industry. Do take note also that the first investment plan’s difference from the second is that aside from the fact that there is a variability of minimum deposits (Olympic plan requires only $10 for minimum deposit) it requires a considerable amount for its minimal deposit of $10,000 which I really do not recommend that highly since it is just too much to deposit in a single program, unless you know the consequences and a real experience individual in the industry (thus considerably know the risks involves for doing so).


Aside from earning with their daily profit offers, you are also able to earn from the program’s unique affiliation program. Although it does not necessarily mean that it is the first time I saw this type of affiliation program, it difference from the rest in a sense that the affiliation program offers you an extra way of earning by simply promoting the program for up to 3 levels. For every direct referral (first level) you earn a commission of 8% per every deposit that person does, for every second level referral (a direct referral of your first level) you earn another commission of 5%, and last but not the least another 2% for the third level referral (direct referral of the second level referral). Now this is a great opportunity to earn most especially if you do have the skill of promoting a certain product or program in this situation.

In order for you guys to start investing in the program, you simply have to deposit using your currencies of PerfectMoney and EgoPay. They also offer a currency exchange program wherein you may deposit either one of those mentioned above and turn them into a different currency or deposit using a Bank Wire transfer or via Western Union. The difference is that you have to send a personal message to the program admin for these two later transactions in order for them to credit manually the deposit into your account. I believe that there is a lot to be improved in this field since there are also a number of currencies that can still be added but I believe that the program admin has already included this plans for their program, which will later on benefit them a lot if they want to cater a wider market of investors in this industry.


As for the web-contents and web designs, I would say that they have done a good job in customizing their site and we can be certain that the wordings and contents are unique and not just any words which are copied from others. Although the idea or concept of investing and betting on different sports and programs out there have previously been used for in the HYIP industry, I do hope that BettingParadize will live up to its name and be the same with the other betting programs who have served and lived up for a long time as per history in the HYIP industry and be able to give profits to a lot of investors out there as do with the programs who run prior to BettingParadize. They are also using the innovative language translator provided by Google which enables you to choose the language of your preference throughout the entire website.

On the technical side of the program, which is also a huge factor to consider when choosing an HYIP program right for you, I would have to say that BettingParadize have made a good preparation for this side. They are using a licensed script provided by one of the big HYIP script providers in the industry and I am referring to no other than GoldCoders Script. Having been one of the older and trust-worthy script provider of the industry, they already have a huge experience to any technical possibilities encountered and thus any requests of customization of a great number of admins per their experience can be easily done. Thus if we are going to connect this to how the program is to go for on the long run, you can be certain that in script-wise dynamics there will not be much of a problem, if there is any to be encountered.

The entire website is also encrypted and well-secured by a 2048 bit RSA Certificate provided by no less than COMODO SSL CA from January 14, 2014 up to January 15, 2015, which have already earned their right to be one of the best SSL providers in the industry. For those who do not know the importance or purposes of an SSL encryption, these encryptions safe-guard your accounts by ensuring that you are indeed on the correct website and not some other copy-cats who are impersonating their website. Thus before you do any money transactions (deposits or withdrawal), make sure to check out the encryption of the site by looking at the SSL certificate found on your upper left with a pad-lock icon. The absence of the said pad-lock icon gives you a hint that you might not be on the right website, and thus a double check of the correct web link is a must.

Another huge factor to consider when making an HYIP program, which investors should also know about, is what or who to host your website on. It is a very common reason for the HYIP programs to be closed due to serious DDOS attacks, a situation wherein a massive traffic is sent to the web domain or website causing it to be unable to cater all the massive traffics received and leading to the site unable to load properly and to some point go down for a number of days. And during this downtime period, no further deposits are received but profits are still to be made and thus more payments to be done (cash outs) but with no further deposits (cash in) and ultimately leading to a program’s downfall. In order to prevent such situations to happen, the admin of BettingParadize hosted their website through Staminus Communication who have already been in the industry for quite some time now, and thus we can be certain that they are founded on a strong provider. They have also fortified their protection from DDOS attacks by the anti-DDOS protections of Staminus Communications.


In order for the program to grow properly, promotion is another essential factor to consider for it to succeed. This is a very huge challenge also if you are running a long term investment program since if we are to compare them with the other short term or middle term programs which offer a higher daily profit rate (but also proves to be much harder to manage and maintain for a longer time), getting more investors is a challenge. To compensate, enlisted their program to a number of HYIP reviewers and monitors which would assist them in promoting their program. Although the program is just a 12-day old program, they are already followed, monitored and listed by a total of 69 monitors and reviewers which is a huge accomplishment for a long term investment program. Of course, we should then reiterate that they have a good affiliation program which will definitely help in promoting the program itself via the members already that wants to earn extra through their signups and commissions for up to 3 levels. You are also provided with your very own referral links and banners which are custom designed to be attractive and catchy to assist you in the promotion of their program.

Last but not the least, should you have questions or concerns of their program, or simply want to get in touch with them for whatever reason, you can send them a message via their ticket department or ticket support which as per my experience is manned very efficiently for I was able to get a response from then in just a matter of few hours or you can also add their Skype account which is or email them at They also have a mailing address which is 49 Rue Claude Bernard, 75005 PARIS, FRANCE which I really have not tested out, but if you would like to then you are very much free to do so. Languange is available through English or French also.

All in all, I would have to say that the program admin has indeed prepared well enough and has given justice to other long term programs here in the HYIP industry. From their investment program plans, to their security features, promotions, and chat/email/mail support, everything has been ironed and planned efficiently. Overall, I will be giving BettingParadize a program rating of 8.8 out of 10.

Last but not the least, should you decided to invest in BettingParadize always make sure that you are investing in amounts that you are ready to lose and that you invest only in amounts you can consider as extra. And make sure to sign up using my referral link in order to benefit from the RCB (referral commissions back) program that is exclusively provided here in The HYIP Bulletin.

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