Monday, September 10, 2012

Benson Union - 2012 Top Online Investment Program

Multiply your money in just 60 days,
or you can have your investments back.
Invest as low as $10 ONLY!

Investing online has become the norm for individual investors and traders over the past decade. Millions of Investment Programs are now available online. But did you know the right program to choose?

Abraham Lincoln said, "Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm." 

Benson Union is the number 1 investment program that offers absolute safety to your investments online - 100% guaranteed!

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Minimum Investment: $10
Profit: 1.2-2.45% daily with 100%
Earn Up to 750% BY COMPOUNDING after the full 170 day term.
Withdrawal: INSTANT
Referral: 3-level referral system with up to 10%

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Capital: $10              Compounding: 50%                Compounding: 100%
Capital: $100           Compounding: 50%                Compounding: 100%


Company Profile:
Benson Union is an online investment company legally registered under British Virgin Island Financial Services Commission. The company works in collaboration with the largest banks in Forex Trading business and pays monthly subscription fee to private corporative signal services which purchase and sale signals on currency pairs 24 hours a day.

Edge over others:
Stability: Benson Union ranks number one in stability in comparison to all online investment programs.
Global Partners: It has over 84 global partners in 24 different languages. A sign up bonus of $100 + higher rate privileges is given to authorized representatives with a chance to work at the main office.
Portfolio: Benson Union offers real business portfolio for different types of investment. Active partners are given exclusive terms of partnership, increased bonus interest, and opportunity to work in the office of a big financial corporation.
Compounding: This allows you to increase principal amount in your account by adding part or whole of your daily interest. The compounded interest is treated as its inseparable part. So, your compounded interest will be available for withdrawal as part of your account principal, which will be released in 170 business days from the date of the initial deposit.
Legality: The legal name of Benson Union is Benson Union, Ltd. Benson Union, Ltd is responsible for all the activities conducted via on the Internet. One can check the information about the company on the Internet by visiting the website of the British Virgin Island Financial Services Commission at

Benson Union is the only program with REAL PORTFOLIO (click to download).

HIGHLY Recommended for serious investors. Benson Union has more than 84 offices in different countries and always fulfills its obligations. Benson Union investment project was based on work experience of Wellington brothers. This is the only program with REAL ACTORS AND ACTRESSES as endorsers.
Benson Union is a new, long-term project with a simple legend. It has a very professional visual approach and contains attractive representative system. The creator of this HYIP has successfully realized the HYIP components, which, in my humble opinion, would let this project work long enough for me to get the pure profit on my deposit.

With a simple legend
Good legend — is a good thing, and a simple good legend — is much better. HYIPs are so accessible, and therefore it is so much profitable, because it is not accepted to explain everything about them. It's not the legend itself, which matters, it's the form actually. 
Benson Union hit the bull's eye with that. When owning such an impressive site as the one they have, one could tell about anything, up to close relations with NASA, though they followed another way. Forex. One word captures the essence. I guess it's a very good explanation for originating such a high income and it hasn't been used often enough recently.

With a high quality visual approach
Finally there are actors in video presentations! Unfortunately, HYIP admins are not very much eager for raising the bar of marketing tools, that is why investors have nothing to look at, PDF presentations have just recently become customary! Presentation in terms of full-scale commerical film with visual effects and real actors! That's what a visitor sees on the main page. My respect! Just because of that i would be ready ready to bet on them, though Benson Union has obviously decided to get all possible of the visual aspect of the maximum.

10 Languages!
They translated the site into 10 languages, they selected corresponding images, worked out the stats, created the PDF presentation.

3 Levels Deep
The reward system is three-level. 6% -> 2.5% -> 1%. If anyone makes a deposit on your link, you'll get 6%. If the client attracted by you attracts another investor, you will receive 2.5% of the deposit made by the second level of investors initially attracted by your affiliate link. And if the latter one attracts some other user to the system, your profit will be 1% of that deposit.

True Business Establishment Available
You have an opportunity to contact the admin with the help of customer support — communication with personal representatives. Or following the address of the head office:
The iconic Hong Kong Club Building is a historic symbol of the rich 
British colonial past. The Hong Kong Club building boasts spectacular 
city and harbour views in it’s unrivalled position in the heart of the business,
financial and dynamic commercial centre of Hong Kong Central
The Hong Kong Club Building.
Suite 906 Level 9, 3A Chater Road,
Central Hong Kong, China
Tel.:+852 8192 7173


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  2. benson union is bad hyip because they will never reply any email . especially when u need important info . i am a member my email is

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  4. ho richiesto 1500 dollari il 10 aprile e processati il 15 ma ancora non ricevo nessun bonifico. annamaria ucci