Sunday, September 9, 2012

Stallion Gold

Stallion Gold
Classification: Low Risk                                                Minimum Investment: $ 1
1.5% - 4% daily for 100 business days                         Withdrawal: Instant
Referral: up to 12%                                                      Compounding: 0-100%
4-stages principal return

StallionGold is the new trusted name in gold trading and as our reliability creates greater profits, we in turn are happy to pass them onto our customers. We are offering nearly unprecedented returns on investments of our customers with only absolute minimum of the risk. Over time, our customers can enjoy continuous flow of residual income, thus making their prosperity possible.

Edge over others:

4-Stages Principal Return: Stallion Gold is the ONLY program that offers the 4-stages principal return.

What is StallionGold's "4-stages principal return" system?
In order to make the invested principal available to our clients sooner and to overall reduce the unnecessary increased funds flow within the system, we designed the '4-stages principal return' function. Such automatic function returns ¼ of the current deposit amount to client's account balance every ¼th time point of total investment periodClients may then either request a withdrawal of the portion of their principal, or reinvest it, thus creating new, fully qualifying deposit.

How does this system work?
Every quarter of the 100 business days' investment term (after every 25 business days), our system will release 1/4 of the invested principal for each of the deposits, made by the client and place it into his or her account balance. The client can then either request such released portion of the principal for withdrawal and enjoy profits from the remaining amount of the original deposit, or re-invest it in order to maintain the same level of invested funds on the account. In either decision outcome, the process of releasing one quarter of currently existing on the account principal will continue repeating every 25 business days (in total after 25th, 50th and 75th business days) per deposit. The remaining portion of each invested principal will be released in full after the 100 business days, which is the corresponding deposit's maturity time point.

 Description of Investment Plans

1. All of the investment plans offered by StallionGold have the expiration term of, and are valid for, 100 business days only. If the client wishes to extend her or his profitable membership with our firm, new investment or principal re-investment will be required.

2. Compounding is available on all investment plans and its value can be set either during the initial deposit, or at any other time later on, by the investor. Note that defined by investor compounding rate will be applied for the entire invested amount on the account and not for any of the separately created deposits.

3. Our investment plans incorporate unique on the market feature of gradual return of principal to investors by virtue of our proprietary “4-stages principal return” function. Such function adds an extra level of desired by investors flexibility in decision making process during the course of investment term, but prior to its expiration.

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