Wednesday, September 26, 2012


The Benson Union website has been down for a while some time ago. As it has been announced by the admin, the reason for the downtime was a trivial DDoS attack. No wonder that this site is being attacked so often lately. It has obviously become one of the industry leaders and hence competitors are trying to do all possible in order to blacken the reputation of the project.

Fortunately, the management of the project is working in a highly professional manner using powerful antiDDOoS system. So today, as it's been reported, the attack has been completely prevented. The management of Benson Union project apologizes for any possible inconveniences caused.

Moreover, they are showing loyalty towards the clients, providing a special bonus as the apology for the site downtime. Till the end of the week 1% will be added as a special referral commission, making the pure referral bonus got by representatives 10% and ordinary referrals 8%. Apart from that, another payment option is going to be implemented the following week. The project is growing as we can see and still developing. Good luck to both the management and investors of Benson Union!

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