Saturday, October 22, 2011

Buglasan 2011 Street Dance Competition

Jimalalud "Diwatas" from the
Hambabalud trees wave magic to the crowd
Last October 21, 2011 the 9 contingents from different municipalities and cities of Negros Oriental prance their stuff as they color the main streets of Dumaguete City and compete on the highlighted event of Buglasan Festival.

The Buglasan Festival is the first “festival of festivals” in the Philippines and is Negros Oriental’s provincial fiesta. The Province’s six component cities and 19 municipalities participate in the said festival and showcase their assets.

At exactly 2 PM, the vehicles that usually pass these streets are no longer seen. Instead, what occupy this part of the city are locals that wait for their contenders to pass and tourists that are anticipating for different surprises. Invaded, the busiest streets of the city have stopped its time.
Mabinay Langub Dancers act as the 
stalactites and stalagmites of their mystical caves

As one of the highlighted events of Buglasan, people cannot afford to miss the said event. The scourging heat of the afternoon was put on the sideshow and the temperature was raised to the limit not by the sun but by the performers.

Town after town, they showed to the people that not one festival is inferior or more important to another. After all each town is battling for the grand prize of P100,000. The second and third place winners will receive P70,000 and P50,000, respectively. Of the nine participating local government units (LGUs), six may receive consolation prizes. Energy level, parade choreography, discipline and orderliness of the participants will be the criteria for judging. Aside from these criteria, the judges are also looking for something grand, with elements that will surprise and entertain the audience.

Inagta sa Siaton Festival mimes animal movements
by the dark skinned Agtas

As the competitors dance their way to the Sidlakan Booths, were all the different towns rendezvous, they left the spectators smiles of contentment. Indeed, Buglasan 2011 Street dance competition lived up to its name as the Festival of festivals.

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