Thursday, October 13, 2011

Japan invites you for a free travel

As I do my usual surfing today, I came across a very interesting topic.Japan is inviting 10,000 tourists for a free travel!

Yes! This is not a scam or whatsoever.  Japan was one of the best tourist destinations. Handling its natural beauties, it is still one of the best garden of magnificence in the modern world. Despite being one of the most developed and "high-teched" countries, She has remained her earth-bound assets.

But the recent incidents of earthquakes and exploding power plants affected the country so much. Many tourists are hesitating to visit due to the dangers that they are hearing. In this connection, the Japanese government created the said program. The catch is to have the 10,000 tourists discuss their experiences online, and share all their safe and unforgettable adventures in Japan.

For you to qualify, you must fill out a questionnaire about why you want to visit Japan and how you would feel about visiting it after the said accidents. As an end goal, the Tourism Ministry of Japan hopes to improve and renew the interest of tourism.

Personally, visiting Japan for me is one of my dream-come-true adventure. Maybe I'll try my luck on this!

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