Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dumaguete wants to meet you

The capital city and main port of Negros Oriental. Popularly known as the "City of Gentle People." Where streets are lined with trees and motorcycles, not cars and taxis, dominating the road. A University town where you can see more students than working professionals. Considered as one of the most peaceful and clean city of the Philippines. It houses Silliman University, the first university outside Manila.

Just when you had enough of everyday stress and pressures, you finally reached the point of pressing the PAUSE BUTTON. Your mind started wondering about all the delicious food, breath taking scenery and stillness. Your feet is itching for a relaxing vacation but your mind worries of being practical with regard to expenses. For the first time in a long time, you want to feel alive but you feel so helpless! Unfortunately you do not know where to go.

Everything went into a blur when you realized that vacation this days is too expensive. Suddenly you came across this page and everything went into sublime. Your eyes made a fast stroll on the phrase - Dumaguete, the place where you want to be. And then you became curious...

The "City of Gentle People," is the capital city of Negros Oriental. Many claimed that this was named by none other than Dr. Jose Rizal, the Philippines national hero, when he stayed for a night on his way to Dapitan City where he was exiled. He was in loved with the charming view of the Boulevard especially during nighttime. It was later then named Rizal Boulevard in his honor.

Dumaguete came from the local term "daguit" which means "to steal" or "to snatch" because it was said that Moro pirates came to the shores of Dumaguit to snatched away young ladies. The Bell Tower (Kampanaryo or Belfry), which served as a testimony to this story, is still standing today and is one of the major tourist attractions of the city. It is said that the tower chimes to warn the local of the pirates when they are approaching. Today, the term still applies as the city snatches you away from the hassles of reality.

It is also known as the "University town" because of the increasing number of students enrolling in colleges and universities in the city. A total of seven universities and colleges in the city are believed to have high literacy standards and efficient education curriculum. Thus, students from all over the archipelago  opted to spend their college life here.Compared to the usual city life, it is less crowded and has a simple laidback atmosphere. This is one of the main reasons why a lot of tourists and visitors come. It is a place where you can still see tree-lined streets, with motorcycles rather than the usual cars and taxis, dominating the road. Everything about it is simple and serene. A place where you can find solace - from its people to the various places surrounding the city.

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