Monday, May 6, 2013

The HYIP Bulletin Premium Enlisting: Metals Inv

Although things have been a bit busy for now due to the fact that the website (my original website is currently being remade (and yes I was finally able to get it back!!!!) things are also starting to roll here in the industry.

There are a lot of things that I have missed out but seems like people cannot wait any longer. Thus, I have decided to start even if it is just going to be here in my blog. Despite this, a new program which was just launched today has already been added here in The HYIP Bulletin. The new program that I am talking about is the program Metals Inv. One this I like about the program is that it has INSTANT cash out or withdrawal system and thus as soon as you request a cash out, it then reflects right away.

This program is categorized under the short to midterm plan and like any other short to midterm plans, it can offer a very good income rate if proper strategy and tactics is applied. Here are things that you need to know about Metals Inv should you decided to add it into your list of investment programs. Before you sign up though, do not forget about the RCB program I am providing to my followers. So make sure that if you do sign up, use my referral link in order for you to ask for the referral commissions I will be receiving from your deposits. You can check out the program here.

As I have mentioned a while ago, Metals Inv is a short term program that offers a total of 6 investment plans. And just like any other short to mid term investment plans, each of these investment plans are divided in to sub-plans.

I. 108% After 1 day - this plan offers a total return of up to 8% profit daily and is divided into two:
PlanSpent Amount ($)Profit (%)
Plan 1$10 - $1,500105.00
Plan 2$1,501 - $3,000108.00

As you can see on the table, deposits ranging from $10 to $1,500 gives you a daily profit rate of 105% total or 5% daily return. This means that if you deposits today a total of $100, then by tomorrow you have a total of $105. On the next note, deposits from $1501 to $3000 offers a bit higher rate which I think is somehow reasonable to its DAILY profit rate of 8%.

II. 126% After 3 Days - this plan offers a total rate of 126% profit rate AFTER 3 days. Do take note that in this plan, you cannot do daily cash outs because your money will be locked for a period of 3 days and thus, only after the third day will you be able to withdraw your investments plus your profit.
PlanSpent Amount ($)Profit (%)
Plan 1$10 - $1,500120.00
Plan 2$1,501 - $3,000123.00
Plan 3$3,001 - $8,000126.00

The second investment plan offered by Metals Inv is divided into three sub-categories. deposits from $10 to $1500 offers a profit rate of 120% or a total of 6-7% daily. In my opinion, the admin has properly made his/her calculation to make sure that there won't be too much difference from the first plan while at the other hand, provided a more lucrative and appealing call for the investors thus I will give a praise to that. The second sub-plan has the slightly higher required amount with a minimum of $1501 to $3000 and offers a total profit of 123% by the third day. And the last subplan requires at least $3000 up to $8000 in order for you to receive the 126% profit rate. Personally I cannot recommend investing these huge amounts, but just like any other programs in here, we never what can happen. If you are up for it, then it is your call. Let us proceed with the other plans of the program. These next plans basically work in the same manner with these first two plans and is also subdivided into different subplans so I will just give you a list of it in order for you to scan over.

III. 145% After 5 Days
PlanSpent Amount ($)Profit (%)
Plan 1$10 - $1,500137.00
Plan 2$1,501 - $3,000140.00
Plan 3$3,001 - $12,000145.00

IV. 173% After 7 Days
PlanSpent Amount ($)Profit (%)
Plan 1$10 - $1,500150.00
Plan 2$1,501 - $3,000160.00
Plan 3$3,001 - $12,000173.00

V. 306% After 15 Days
PlanSpent Amount ($)Profit (%)
Plan 1$500 - $1,500210.00
Plan 2$1,501 - $3,000250.00
Plan 3$3,001 - $12,000306.00

VI. 830% After 30 Days
PlanSpent Amount ($)Profit (%)
Plan 1$1,000 - $3,000480.00
Plan 2$3,001 - $12,000830.00

As we look into the programs investment plan, I could say that there are a lot of plans that are very promising and that there are also some which are a bit too hard to risk into. I do understand that the higher profit rate of some figures are tempting but before you decide on which plan you are going to choose, make sure that these plans are compatible to your goals and expectations. Do take note that this program is a short to mid term plan and thus you should mark your calendar as to when to start investing (it is of course ideal to start the soonest possible) and then to learn as to when to stop.

With the number of HYIP programs out there, it is hard to choose which one you can really profit and invest into, and thus you should also check out the intentions of the program admin if he has the desire to protect your accounts or not. This is category, Metals Inv has already placed a foot ahead in comparison to other programs by having a well-secured website running in full encryption and security provided by one of the leading SSL providers in the industry which is COMODO with a POSITIVE CA2 lasting for a total of 1 year time and has a RC4_128-bit encryption making it more secure.

They are also having a fortified defense against any attacks by having a well secured DDOS protection and hosting provided by ENOM, Inc who is one of the leading hosting and DDOS protection provider in the industry.

I would have to say the prior to launching, the program admin has already considered all the necessary things in preparation for the programs launch and that the only thing left is the management of the program. Should you decided to invest in Metals Inv  always make sure that you are investing in amounts that you are ready to  lose and that you invest only in amounts you can consider as extra. Last but not the least, make sure to sign up using my referral link in order to benefit from the RCB program that is exclusively provided here in The HYIP Bulletin.

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