Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Happy Customer By Fairy Funds

I would like to share an encouragement and happy letter from one of the investors of Fairy Funds who is also part of The HYIP Bulletin.

This is based on his actual experience with the program Fairy Funds who is also part of our RCB program. The program's detailed review will also be available in a few more wait. You can check out Fairy Funds' program details here.

Although we are in the HYIP industry, and we do understand that everything in this playground involves huge risks for the sake of profiting, we also would like to encourage everyone to do share your experiences regardless if it is good or bad.

May this initiative and move by Nick set an example also to the rest as a means of giving out gratitude to the program admins who works hard for us to give us some profits despite this risky environment.

Here is his letter:
"Hi The HYIP Bulletin,

I want to let you know as to what a pleasure it was dealing with the admin of Fairy Fund over the last 2 days over a problem concerning my getting credit for one of my referrals. When I put in a support ticket telling them I didn’t receive credit for my referral the admin asked me to submit the documentation they would correct the problem. The admin corrected my account and now everything is fine. I hope this is a good sign and a portend of things to come!!!

I don’t remember my twitter pass word or I would tweet this as well."

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  1. I have had reason to contact admin as well and have to say it was a brilliant experience. My issue was resolved immediately. I hope and pray that this opportunity is here for many years.