Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The HYIP Bulletin Warning: Stallion Gold Moved to Problem Status

StallionGold has been moved today to problem status due to the inaccessibility of their website for more than 24 hours now. As claimed by the program admin, their website has been stolen by some anonymous hacker which disables them to go through their back office. Now this is something we have not heard of and is something new, but nevertheless, it could be one of those alibis of a program going towards its pending doom.

As I have warned few weeks ago, some signs were already seen and that obvious patterns of selective pay outs such as delays in the processing of huge cash outs or that more than a simply $10 cash out request is no longer instantaneously processed is just a few of them.

Unfortunately, I would have to say that there is a very thin luck that the program can recover from such crisis. Nevertheless, we cannot really say that the program was entirely a failure since more of the early birds were able to hit the profit mark.

It is going to leave a huge hole in the industry should Stallion Gold really be ending their program this way, but this is the reality of this industry. We have no choice but to look unto what is next for us. Of course, we can always try to negotiate with the program admin too, and I hope the program admin is reasonable enough to listen to our plea, and if lady luck is on our side then perhaps then can at least return the capitals invested if ever no profit is seen yet.

In any case, please do not invest further on the account until further notice. And if Stallion Gold should ever rise back from the challenge, do not invest right away and try to listen out to the general public first as to what will be the updates. The HYIP Bulletin will be hear to keep you updated too of course.

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