Saturday, March 16, 2013

The HYIP Bulletin Warnings: Week Scam Update

Another week has finally passed and we look forward to a brand new start after then, but before we do so here are the list of programs who have been formally closed out this week.

Unlike the rest of the weeks that have passed, it is unfortunate that a lot of programs have decided to pull out the plugs of their program and what makes matter sadder is the fact that these programs happen to be one of the huge programs from the industry.

Please make sure to spread the word and inform others so that they will be warned too.

Here are the programs enlisted that have closed out:

Benson Union on Scam
Profitable Sunrise on Scam
Stallion Gold on Scam
Perfect Forex on Scam
Forex Plaza Biz on Scam
Asad Fund on Scam
FCM on Scam

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