Sunday, March 17, 2013

New HYIP Programs, Benson Union, Stallion Gold, Profitable Sunrise and etc on Scam, Upcoming Interviews and other daily news and updates

There are a lot of new happenings here in The HYIP Bulletin today and it seems I am running out of time to complete everything for my write up so I will be giving you an overhead view of what will be in today's newsletter.

Make sure to check them out later today.

1. New programs have been added here in The HYIP Bulletin. Make sure to return back for the review of the following exciting programs - Forbo EstateSwiss Invest Fund and FairyFunds. All of these programs are of course part of the REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK program exclusive to all the subscribers and referrals of The HYIP Bulletin so make sure to sign up using my referral links.

2. As our referral commissions back program become more and more popular, the need to have an organized process is very much in need. Thus I would like to remind everyone to make sure to follow our RCB Request Instructions and Reminders.

3. Interviews of TrackInv / BW Fund, Stravia and Ad Solid is currently being conducted and will soon be published here in The HYIP Bulletin. Make sure to check them out soon.

4. CALLING ALL SOCIAL MEDIA LOVERS!!! The HYIP Bulletin is finally available in Facebook and Twitter. Please help out in the spread of this good news by help me with your LIKES and SHARES or simply TWEET about these wonderful developments.

5. We have lost a huge number of programs who are also the 'big ones' of the industry this week. The programs I am referring to who are also part here in The HYIP Bulletin are the following: Benson Union, Profitable Sunrise, Stallion Gold, Perfect Forex, Forex Plaza Biz, Asad Fund, and FCM Limited

6. The day will not be complete without our usual News and Updates from the HYIP industry.

7. New Feature in The HYIP Bulletin. Translate and read The HYIP Bulletin into your very own language.

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