Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The HYIP Bulletin Warnings: Profitable Sunrise on Problem Status

After having been online for a total of 488 days, I have now moved the program Profitable Sunrise to problem status due to an increasing report of pending cash outs and that the alleged sending of funds via bank wires is still yet to be seen.

One of the main basis for us to be able to monitor a programs stability is through its strong dedication to stick to their FAQs. Should their be any serious matters that needs changing, this has to be reflected on the FAQ and that a considerable consensus in relation to the general set rules or decorum of the HYIP  industry is to be followed. This means that if the program says that they are going to pay with this profit rate for this particular period in this particular time via this particular payment process, this has to be followed. As for the case with Profitable Sunrise, all of these set decorum have obviously been not followed.

Also, there is no assurance that the pending cash outs that will be sent out via Bank Wire or other payment processors will really go through since there are a number of complaints already in the different forums, blogs, monitors, and other HYIP related websites.

But most important amount all the updates that you should know as with the latest developments for Profitable Sunrise is that BCSC or British Columbia Securities Commission issues warning about sending further investments to Profitable Sunrise.

For those who failed to follow the story of this, the reason why such attention has been made is due to the fact that just recently, Profitable Sunrise moved from 3rd party wallets (LR, PM, STP, EP) to Bank wire transactions. The said increase of activity for Bank transfers was of course spotted and investigated by BCSC and that upon trace up, the company cannot validate as to the certifications of the program. Well, this is obviously an expected scenario since there really is no HYIP program that can be really identified as duly registered in a government or public sects. We should know that this is HYIP industry and that this is all part of the image.

In any case, the BCSC has already given then warning with regard to the program's condition and current status quo. The Alberta Securities Commission also sent out an alert against Profitable Sunrises' recent activities and North Carolina Securities Division has also issues a Temporary Order to Cease and Desist against the entity and its agents for further development and operation of the program.

This is going to put an additional hole to the industry and I hope that with such huge programs leaving, the industry will be able to recover ASAP. We cannot deny the fact that there will always be a black-hole effect, but we must instead take a lesson from these events. This is our industry, and this is what we have chosen. The sooner we accept the truth, the sooner we will be able to pick up our feet again.

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  1. It is very strange. Why do they choose Profitable Sunrise among so many other HYIP, in order to put them under microscope?