Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Promotional Video of 12ProFinance by leslielive

A newsletter has been released by the admin Kimberly of 12ProFinance to honor the efforts of one investor from their program who has done the extra mile of creating a promotional video. The person of the hour is no other than leslielive.

I personally do not know her nor have heard about her, so I have to apologize if I have very limited information gathered about here. Nevertheless, I have done my own research and what I've found out (I am not 100% confident of the information I have obtained since there is no way I can really verify such information) is that leslielive is simply just an ordinary investor too of the program 12ProFinance and that her passion of affiliate marketing far exceeds others. She may either be a full time promoter in the HYIP industry or perhaps maybe in the online business as a whole. One thing is for sure though is that she has her own list of programs that she has really dedicated time and effort to make videos for.

But let us not get side-track on this irrelevant matters. What really is important is that video itself which I would have to say is very informative and that everyone who is interested about the program, or is already in the program should watch the video since it tells a lot about 12ProFinance without the effort of reading a lot of words.

Thanks for the video leslielive and hope you continue doing a great job.

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