Sunday, March 24, 2013

The HYIP Bulletin Warnings: Make Million On Scam

I have moved the program Make Million to scam status today after the admin of the program informed me. In fairness to the admin, he was thinking of the members of The HYIP Bulletin too and said that it is unfortunate that he had to pull the plug already.

It is indeed a sad thing to know that after being in the industry for a total of 71 days, and paying for the investment plans of 125% after 1 day, 10000% after 50 days this program had to finally say its good byes.

Nevertheless, it was not a total failure for it had a very good run on its own. I still want to say kudos to the admin for running a short program for more than 2 months and paying on high interest rate.

This is the nature of the HYIP industry. Good programs come, and good programs go. It is already about the RIGHT TIME to invest.

Since we have to say good bye to this program, PLEASE DO NOT INVEST FURTHER ON MAKE MILLION.


  1. this is real website ,I just got payment from them ,it;s real ,I could provide proof

  2. can you give me the proof