Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Must Read to All the HYIP Investors: Horror, Suspense, and Drama Stories on the HYIP Industry

Yes it is really a sad part of these industry that some great things do not last forever. As most of you know by now, and most especially to the old players in the industry, the hardest thing to accept sometimes is that point wherein a great program finally reaches its end. This is the case when the programs such as Benson Union, Profitable Sunrise, Stallion Gold, and Perfect Forex turned to scam status in a single week, and these program are very huge and successful programs before they pulled the plug off.

As we look back into these programs, a lot of promising things were then presented and sustained. But like any other programs of the industry, the hard fact also of keeping it sustainable as it reaches its peak of glory is the struggle to maintain stability.

Why is this happening despite that fact that these programs have been very successful? I am sure this question may have come across your curious mind one way or another, but it really is very self explanatory and yet very hard to accept too.

Let us bring back once again the topic of the nature of this industry - the HYIP industry or high yeild investment programs industry. As I have previously described it, the industry is actually a picture playground. And like any other games, you either win or lose. Despite that fact that this eminent and pending doom of a program's lifespan, why do we still play the game?

The real reason which I am sure most of the old timers too would agree is due to the fact that it is STILL PROFITABLE despite the odds and risks involved.


Unless you already have enough money to pay your bills, or bring food to your family, or to pay huge debts, or buy medicines for your sick loved ones, or for whatever reason it may be, we cannot deny the fact that all of us here actually have each ones own reason and these things I have mentioned could just be one or two or even more applicable to our own situation. And since the "opportunity with a risk" could give us that ray of hope to help us provide the solution to these programs, we embrace it.

I know some of you may think and wonder as to why I am so blunt and indifferent about these facts. And I totally understand that sometimes you would have to tally disagree with me or maybe even hate me, and yet I am still willing to embrace that side of you guys. Believe me, I HAVE HAD MY OWN UPS AND DOWNS in this industry, and these is more than enough.

At this point in time, you might even consider to stop reading already because I know that these approach of writing and presenting things right now is 'stressful' but please I beg of you to just finish reading this at the very least so I may explain as to why I am doing this type of writing today, I a really do hope that you will see it as something BENEFICIAL to each one of us at the end of the day.

From point on-wards of this write up, I will be writing some remarkable stories related to the HYIP industry. Now it is for you guys to decide to continue investing here or not AFTER reading these incidents I have witnessed from the industry. They may not be the best or the worst stories of all times, but they have huge impacts too.

- There was a story of a businessman who was once hooked up with a very brilliant and seductive HYIP admin who he though would finally be the girl she was looking for. With the hope of getting 'closer and personal' to this admin, he wanted to impress her by doing huge deposits. One day, he was forced to wake up from this fantasy of his when the bills for the month came - 3 months overdue phone bill, 3 months overdue apartment rental, 3 months overdue electric bill, and 3 months over due water bills.

CONFIDENT that he has SUCH A HUGE EARNINGS from his 'dearly beloved program of his dearly beloved admin' he just SMILED OUT WIDE and told himself that it is just a piece of cake considering the fact that in just 2 more days from now he will finally be able to receive an amount that is 3-7 times more than his original investment.

Finally the promised day has come and he is very much ready to accept his first cash out. Everything went according to how the system should work with the program. He has already sent the cash out request of his HUGELY INFLATED MONEY. And he just cannot barely the excitement, and then came his dear lovely program admin which he same as "online" in their usual dating place called - 'live chat support.'

His excitement cannot be contained and that he is very happy to announce it too to his admirable admin that finally he is going to receive the profits he has much awaited. He frantically opened up and sent out a what seemed to be endlessly long and detailed narration of what has happened to him today about how the bills came in and about how confident he is of paying all of them today because of his requested cash out.

Then after the frenzy sets of narrations, he finally paused and waited eagerly for his dear admin's reply. And then he waited... and waited.......... and waited........................... and waited...........................................

And just like this story, I will be depriving you of a concluding part... For you already know what I mean, and what my purpose is, everything is also up to you on what to do. I am simply here to help you by presenting you guys with 'possibilities' and NOT THE CONCLUSION......

If you want to know some success stories from the HYIP industry, be informed that some HYIP investors earn PURE PROFIT of more than $1000 PER DAY.

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