Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ad-Solid Now Available On Spanish, Russian, French, Polish, Portuguese and German language

We received the latest news update from one of the long term programs enlisted here in The HYIP Bulletin today. I am referring to no other than Ad-Solid. This program has been online now for a total of 58 days now and has been reviewed here also. You can also check out my interview with the program admin here. You can also check out the full program details as well as the payment processors and the minimum amount required for investing on the details section here.

The latest update is about the availability of the program into different new languages. This is indeed a very good way for the program to promote themselves after some periods of being silent from the industry as they slowly grow into a huge company day by day. As of writing, the program can now be read and understood by a total of 12 different languages making it one of the programs who covers the most number of languages in the HYIP industry. The latest languages added to the program are Spanish, Russian, French, Polish, Portuguese and German language!

Kudos to their team and their program admin who has not stopped a bit as they strive for better performances and achieve more heights for the HYIP industry. Lastly, should you decided to Ad-Solid as part of your investment portfolio, do not forget that the program is part of my REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK program so make sure to sign up using my referral link if you wish to received the commissions I will be receiving from your deposits.

Here is the program update:
"Hello, dear admin!
Please add the news on the project Ad-Solid.

"We have just launched localized site for Spanish, Russian, French, Polish, Portuguese and German language! The project is translated into 12 languages."

Best regards"

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