Saturday, March 2, 2013

The HYIP Bulletin Warnings: Phishing And Scam Warnings

Please be informed that there are more and more phishing and "verify your account" scams emerging today. Let us not fall for them and be an angel and saviour to somebody else by keeping them informed about this particular scam attempts.

Here are some of the latest scams and phishing strategies done. IN ANY CASE never send out money to these types of scams!


More Phishing And Scam Warnings
Due to a recent settlement between Liberty Reserve and clients during
extended downtime periods and hacked accounts, a settlement was reached in
a class action suit. As a qualified member of Liberty Reserve you are
entitled to proceeds from this settlement. We, Liberty Reserve, are
ordered to pay your account $100. Only the true and official account
holder is eligible to receive this settlement payment.
To confirm your ownership as the true and official account holder and to
receive your settlement payment, please proceed to the following Liberty
Reserve link to log in and send 0.01 cents to confirm your acceptance of
the settlement payment of $100 and that you are the true and official
account holder.

To confirm and accept your settlement payment:

Thank You,
Liberty Reserve S.A.
Accounts Management and Settlement Director


Hello Members,

About 40 individuals have reported their accounts were broken into and
their requested withdrawals were sent to a different account. This is
unacceptable and we are instituting a very simple procedure to ensure no
ones withdrawal is sent to the wrong account. Very simply put, we are
sending this email out to the original account email addresses to make
sure only the real owner of the account receives the withdrawal request.
Please use the link below to prove your ownership of your Oil of Asia
account. You will just need to send a penny from your actual account, so
we know it is you. It is automatic and that penny will be credited to your
Oil of Asia account panel. This will ensure your withdrawal requests are
always processed to your account only.
Click here for your Oil of Asia account verification. It will direct you
directly to our automated verification:

Thank you.
Regards, Adam Dhaliwal
Oil of Asia Ltd CEO 

Profitable Sunrise Phishing MailGood Day,

We suffered a data breach today in our server. As a security measure to
ensure your payments are only sent to you, we are asking you to confirm
your e-currency account so we know you are

the owner and no one else. Please use the link below to verify your
Profitable Sunrise account. The system is automated, so all that needs to
be done is to send a 0.01 amount and the system

will verify your account. This is to make it an efficient process so we do
not have to do one by one verification.

Verify your Profitable Sunrise Account:[CENSORED]

Have a Blessed Day,

Roman Novak,
Profitable Sunrise

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  1. Excellent update on these latest phishing scams. It seemed very suspicious to me but such emails are getting more and more clever. So I searched and found your site and this confirms what I thought. Thanks and well done! Charles S