Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The HYIP Bulletin Warnings: TrackInv Moved to Problem Status

After some thorough investigation and countless considerations with regard to this issue, I have decided to move the program TrackInv to problem status.

The program has been reported to do some questionable acts such as SELECTIVE PAYOUTS, BLOCKING OF ACCOUNTS and CHANGING OF WALLET INFORMATION, etc. This lead me to the conclusion of questioning the program admin with regard to the said activities. Unfortunately, there was no explanation provided and yet the said reported cases did not cease either despite a warning provided.

In relation to this, I formally announce that the program TRACKINV will then be moved to problem status.

On the other hand, we all know that BW-FUND is also run by the same program admin BUT LET US MAKE MATTERS CLEAR that I have not yet received any reported cases with regard to the program BW-FUND having questionable activities. Thus, although they are run by the same admin please do understand that each program listed here in The HYIP Bulletin is still considered an individual program despite having the same program admin. This has been my decision ever since I create The HYIP Bulletin. Should you want to invest in BW-FUND, it is then your final call.

Last but not the least, since I have moved the TRACKINV to problem status, please refrain from any means of investing further on the program and make sure to inform everyone that you know about the said questionable acts.

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