Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Premium Enlisting: Forex Capital Markets Initial Review

A new program has been added to The HYIP Bulletin today. This program is categorized under middle to long term investment program and been in the industry for a total of 5 days only. Thus we can consider this program still as a very young program yet. The program is also part of my REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK programs so make sure to sign up using my referral link if you wish to received the commissions I will be getting from your deposits.

Forex Capital Markets, also known as FCM Limited presents themselves as a company with primary revenue obtained through Foreign Currency Exchanges or Forex. The company is also presented as a multi-millionaire group, with offices mainly established at the countries of UNITED KINGDOM, GERMANY, AUSTRALIA, FRANCE, ITALY, GREECE, CHINA, JAPAN, CANADA, ISRAEL, CHILE and LEBANON.

In fairness to the program, we can tell that the program has set an enough and decent amount of time to be able to make their program as detailed as possible as they could. All the necessary things needed to run a decent program in today's industry is present - both security and visual packages wise.

The program is running on a modified script that is designed and tailored to the needs of the program and the entire website is also encrypted with a 128-bit PositiveSSL CA 2 provided by COMODO for security purposes as you browse through their website. The program is hosted under the servers of BlueHost which is one more commonly trusted host provider in the industry.

The program offers a total of 4 investment plans and ranging from middle to long term investment plans, which the difference mainly banking on the amount you can start investing on and the daily rate depending on how much you can start investing with. Here are the investment plans and their daily rate returns:
1. Novice Plan - this investment plan starts with a minimum of $20 to as high as $1,000 to start investing and with daily return rate of 1.10% for 10 business days. After the investment period, you will receive a total return of 111% including your principal amount.
2. Intermediate Plan - this investment plan requires a minimum deposit of $50 and up to $2,500. In comparison to the first plan, you receive a daily interest rate of 1.30% daily return and lasting for a total of 50 days. This then gives you a total profit rate of 65% or a total return rate of 165% including your principal upon end of term.
3. Optimum Plan - this investment plan is well-suited for those who can afford. With a minimum of $100 deposit and up to $5,000 you then get to receive a daily profit rate of 1.5% daily for a total of 180 business days. Optimum Plan is then considered the long term investment plan in comparison to the first two investment plans previously introduced. Upon end of term for the the optimum plan, you will receive a total profit rate of  270% or 370% all in all including your principal or invested capital.
4. Optimum+ Plan - the final investment plan that is being offered by FCM Limited is actually a very hard thing to achieve due to the fact that a huge amount is required to start investing. Nevertheless, let us still mention it here. You will need a minimum amount of $5,000 should you want to invest in the said plan and this goes up to as high as $50,000. The daily profit rate is 1.70% which for me personally is still too low considering the fact that there are a more long term programs who offers a higher interest rate with this level of investment already. So I would rather recommend to invest on the first three investment plans than this one. For a total of 180 business days of earning, you will receive a  total profit rate of 306% or 406% total return including your capital already.

Looking at the program as a whole, I would have to say that the program is decent and well prepared enough to provide a profitable amount as it run along with its venture in the HYIP industry. Nevertheless, we cannot tell as to how long the program may really last, and this goes without saying that it is the same with any other HYIP programs in the industry. Thus, once again please be reminded that should you want to start investing in the program and that you have considered FCM Limited as part of you investment portfolio as I have did, invest only in amounts that you can afford to lose.

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