Sunday, March 17, 2013

Referral Commissions Back Reminders and Instructions Part 2

Hello everyone. Our program has now truely become very remarkable specially with the increasing followers, viewers and subscribers here in The HYIP Bulletin.

Since all of us want to have our RCBs processed in the soonest possible time, I would like every to please follow these very specific instructions. This is for everyone's benefit so I hope we will respect these reminders.

1. As much as possible, please use the RCB button located at my monitor website.
2. A little patience in the waiting for your RCB is HIGHLY appreciated. I can only process the RCB as soon as the cash out request for the commissions I received are paid. Obviously I cannot give something which I do not have and I hope you understand this too. I hope you appreciate the fact that other monitors SIMPLY KEEP THE COMMISSIONS that they receive from you while THB gives everything back.
3. Please make a follow up of our request. Due to the number of requests per day, there are times wherein I might have missed out your request, or perhaps during the time of your request the cash out is not yet complete. I also cannot be online 24/7 so I hope you understand that too.
4. Help the THB by CASTING YOUR VOTES in our Survey Poll and on the respective programs from the monitoring websites. We are simply waiting while THE PROGRAM ADMINS ARE WORKING FOR US. It isHIGHLY appreciated if we can also help them by casting out votes for them.
5. Last but not the least, I am very happy every time I see my RCB page filled up with your proofs of RCB. So please post your RCB proofs.

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