Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Epic Royal Fund Program Review and Interview

Epic Royal Fund, an EXCLUSIVE HYIP that has been online now for 28 days has sent out the latest news, updates and plans of the program. Epic Royal Fund pays out in a weekly or monthly basis, and requires a minimum of $10 for cash out. Depending on what type of membership you have, your earnings also vary. Full listing of investment plans here.

The said update can be read only by it’s because due to the exclusive membership of the program. Should you want to join, feed free to use my sponsorship ID.

As per update, they will be having their program reviewed by one of the bloggers in the industry and they will also be interviewed by the owner of the said blog. The founder “Jeffrey Ericson” also announced that they will be changing their bank account to a European one and that there will be a conference done by small groups about this.

The program remained strong despite the fact that they opened up on the “much harder” season, most especially for the fact that they did not do too much promotion on their program since they made it exclusive.

As early as now, I am suspecting that the outcome of the said conference will be to “publicize” their program which is actually pretty normal after they will survive Black December. We will see as to how these developments unfold soon. For the time being, I will leave it to you as to how you are going to interpret the update.

Here is the newsletter update:
Dear Members,

This is just a short update on how things are progressing around here...

First of all, I’m glad to report that we have added 2 social widgets to the Website - one is for our Official Facebook Page and the other is for my personal Twitter - to keep all you informed and up-to-date!

Please access our Social Pages directly if you like:


And please be sure to like/follow us when you visit them!

The second and the most important thing for today is the upcoming EPIC Review and Interview! We are carefully selecting the most interesting questions submitted by our Members and once I have a full list of topics for the Interview, I will contact my Interviewer (Paul Abramson, Money-News-Online Blog) and will try to answer all Member’s; questions at once along with the questions prepared by Paul himself. Prior to the Interview, our Website, Service, and the Club in whole, will be reviewed, so stay tuned for more!

Next, we are holding a Conference this Friday the 21st in Stockholm with approximately 50 initial Club Members to discuss the current trends in development of the Club and draw up a rough business plan for 2013. After the Conference, I will be happy to share information gained from attending the event on our Blog. Keep watching for updates!

Also, we are setting up a new European bank account to work with Members' Deposits & Withdrawals as the current Cyprus account WILL NO LONGER BE ACTIVE. Members willing to deposit or withdraw their funds via Bank Wire Transfer will have to wait until the new Banking Details are available in the 'Fund EPIC Wallet' section.

Other important upcoming events include:

- Migration to a new Server (BlockDos or similar service);
- Updated Due Diligence section (a detailed update will be provided next week on how to access the Documents);
- Disclosed and updated Fund Overview brochure;
- The new "Founder’s Blog" section on our Blog.

The one last thing I want you all to know is that we are working real hard behind the scenes to let each and every Member feel his importance as part of the EPIC Team. However, as many of you are aware, we are in the middle of reporting season, hence are not able to provide IMMEDIATE support to each Member, especially when there are hundreds (!!!) of identical support tickets. I do, of course, apologize for that, however please try to keep some patience, and don’t blast the support system with masses of duplicate support emails. Please keep in mind that our priority task during this super busy time of year is paying out dividends to our Investors and answering support requests in the order in which they are received. Otherwise, you will simply put yourself in the end of the queue.

We are working hard to get the situation with the support tickets back to normal. And the 14-16-hour working day, six-seven days a week, makes me feel 24 hours a day is not enough.

Anyway, we will do our best to enter the New Year with a renewed energy and a top-notch support team available 24/7 for any issues that arise. The new Support Team will be available mid next week!


Jeffrey Ericson,
Managing Director and Founder
EPIC Royal Fund / EPIC Royal Investors Intl”

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