Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stallion Gold Scheduled No-Pay Holidays

Stallion Gold, rank 3 in our Top Most Favorite HYIP and online for 107 days now, sent out a newsletter regarding the schedules days without payouts.

Stallion Gold (admin interview here) is categorized under long term programs and is paying 1.5-4% daily for 100 business days. It also has the 4-stage principal withdrawal feature allowing its members to cash out ¼ of their principal investments every 25 days.
Considering the fact that the early birds of the program have already received back their principals, it is then going to be the program admins challenge to get more funds as these people who have finished 1 cycles are either going to reinvest or rest their money for a bit. Let us hope that it is going to survive for upcoming dates and it will continue to remain popular amount its investors. It is just normal for the program to announce as many non-pay day as possible in order to survive until next year wherein more and more people will start to invest again.

Here is the entire newsletter:
“Dear investors and website visitors, in most parts of the world, several holidays are observed and celebrated during the upcoming year-end winter season. Since such celebrations will affect our regular business operations, we would like to notify all of our clients in advance, that no profits will be credited to user accounts for the days of December 25th, 26th and 31st of the year 2012 and January 1st of the year 2013.”

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