Thursday, December 20, 2012

Promising Program Updates: Stallion Gold Adds PexPay

The HYIP Bulletin Warning: please read this first before continuing. This section points out some POSSIBLE AND POTENTIALLY good programs basing on EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD program updates or decisions that have caught my eyes lately.

Stallion Gold , ranked 3 in the Top Most Favorite HYIP posted its latest update in their newsroom today about the addition of a new payment processor - PexPay

This is indeed a very good news for the program as it creates a wider possibilities for them. The additional payment processor can definitely give a very good outcome to the program in the future since it equates to catering a more varied and wide base of customers. In relation to this, I will be including this in my promising programs update.

Please do take note that Stallion Gold (admin interview here) is categorized under long term programs and is paying 1.5-4% daily for 100 business days. It also has the 4-stage principal withdrawal feature allowing its members to cash out ¼ of their principal investments every 25 days. The program is now 109 days old and despite having the early bird investors reach the full term cycle, the program has not shown any signs of deterioration.

Here is the news update:
“PexPay Payments
Dear investors and website visitors, it is our pleasure to announce the addition of new deposit option at Stallion Gold. From now on, all of our members can use PexPay payment processor to make their investments and request withdrawals via this system. PexPay offers distinct and very convenient account funding options and its services are available worldwide.”

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