Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Platinum Vertex Christmas Event Results

We received an update from Platinum Vertex today with regard to the result of their very first Christmas Event – Best Holiday Greeting.

Platinum Vertex is middle to long term investment program and paying 4.5-6% daily for 40 business days. The program is online now for 27 days and has been promoting its program through different events and offered cash prizes. You can see the full program review and admin interview here.

In the said newsletter, Platinum Vertex announced that the casting of votes for the winner of their very first Christmas Event is already finished and that result was also announced on their Christmas party last December 10, 2012. Due to this, the said date was marked as a non-paying day for them because of a non-business day occasion to their company.

The winner’s Holiday message is about wishing everyone good health and good like this Christmas and a short prayer to those who were victims of the recent typhoon that hit their country – Philippines. Personally, I too am touched with the said prayer most especially for the given fact that I am a Filipino myself. The proud winner of the $50 cash prize was no other than “Kababaya Ms Jucel Antiporta.”

The newsletter also informed us that the supposed no pay out for the said day was cancelled because  of the wonderful message that touched each one of them, so thanks once again to Ms Jucel.

Lastly, the admin of Platinum Vertex is once again inviting everyone to participate on the second Christmas Event that they are doing, which is a redo of their 2 week online celebration. If you missed the said event, you can wish up to $2 for simply posting your testimonials in the designated places:

1. $0.50 for posting your testimonials in their testimonial page
2. $0.50 for posting your testimonials in their Facebook page
3. $0.50 for voting in HYIPNews.com and TheHYIPBulletin.com
4. $0.50 for posting your testimonials and cash outs on the major forums such as TG, MMG and DTM.

Here is the entire newsletter:
“Good day to All Platinum Vertex Members!

It is a looooong weekend for everyone. Finally the moment you all have been waiting for has come. We are very happy to announce the very first $50 EVENT WINNER today.

After last night\'s voting for the "Best Holiday Greeting," we are happy to announce that the winner for the said event is no other that the proud owner of this very wonderful and selfless message.

"This Christmas season, I only have one wish and prayer. Lord God, I know that you are the most powerful of all and I do believe that everything you do has a purpose. All I want this Christmas is that you protect and safeguard us from the disasters and calamities. We have already seen much this year. I do know that everything has a purpose and that everything is of your plans and accord. I pray that you will bring back the smiles, joys and laughters even to the darkest corners of the homes of the victims of the typhoon that hit us. I pray that you will shower them with your grace and provide them all the necessities needed for them to return to their standard way of living. I pray that in ever family, hope is still there are that they will have the strength to stand up again after all this. Lastly, I pray that you touch the hearts and lives of those who have seen and heard of the news. That they will share what they have as extra and give it to those who are in deep need. Most of all, they not only here in our country but all over the world remain at peace and safe in this yuletide season. Let the spirit of Christmas touch each and everyone lives."

Congratulations to Ms Jucel Antiporta from Philippines. Everyone was touched by your kind words and prayers. We have seen the sad news about what happened to your country, and I do believe that good karma will come to you and your family.

With your kind message, everyone were very much touched and because of this we would like to inform everyone that the "NO PAY OUT DAY WAS CANCELLED. "

We have decided that since it is the most wonderful time of the year, generosity is to be expected.

We from Platinum Vertex hope that you will enjoy the wonderful Christmas present from us.

Cash outs are now being processed. Should you have any cash out requests still pending for more than 24 hours please inform us right away.

Lastly, we would like to formally announce that CHRISTMAS EVENT 2 is open!

Avail your free $2 today. Please check print ads for more details.


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