Monday, December 3, 2012

Innovis Corp. Full Program Review

After quite some time of having no programs enlisted on My Personal Listsection due to being picky especially during this season, I found a potentially good program. Nevertheless, I want you to reflect and consider this program pretty well if this is to your liking because it is a short term program and has been online now for 8 days. This means that like any other short term program, it is very rewarding and at the same time riskier than the other types of HYIP programs. The latest program that I am adding is Innovis Corp.

Innovis Corp., which is short for Innovis Corporation offers a wide variety of investment plans and is available for up to 6 portfolios. The first investment plan is something worth looking deeply into because this is an HOURLY plan. Usually in this industry, an hourly plan does not last long and gives that sting to long time investors. I too am having that impression. BUT WHY DID IT LAST UP UNTIL 8 DAYS ONLINE NOW?

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