Saturday, December 15, 2012

Innovis Corp on Problem Status

We received reports from the monitoring boards today that Innovis Corp is doing selective pay-outs. The said program was processing fine with the smaller cash outs but unfortunately the bigger cash out requests were not. Thus, I will be moving the said program to PROBLEM STATUS.

This only means that the program has already reached its end. The monitoring images also shown on the website have already been changed into static images as means of the admin to conceal the movement of the program to problem or scam status by the other monitoring sites. Also, please do not be mislead by the newsletter recently sent out about being 20 days online. This is an attempt to extract more money from those unsuspecting investors.

Thus, please DO NOT INVEST FURTHER on the said program.


  1. F...n life .........such is life .... money gone !!! Would be good if HYIP Bulletin warned the time before , like this : '' now will be (in 3 days) the cycle of 20 days reached and ... take off your money '' . Good ?! Of course good ?!
    Happy New Year !

    1. I understand how you feel. as much as possible I too want to predict all programs as to when they will go on problem or scam status so i can give you warnings. the only method is to look out for certain signs. AS OF THE MOMENT, INNOVIS IS STILL PAYING. but only time can tell as to when it will really stop paying.

      My suggestion if you want to exit already is to do multiple withdrawals in small amount (usually $4-7 per request) and in a well even time different (preferrably 8 to 12 hours interval). Hope this can help you.