Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Upcoming Interview with ShadowScript & Event Updates

Good day guys. It is a new week for us all and a lot of things are going to happen soon. The first on the list which I believe everyone is very much excited about is the announcement of our weekly events. This of course I will doing announcing by tomorrow so make sure to look forward to it.

Another update is that I will be doing an interview with one of the best and most renowned HYIP/Private Investment/AutoSurf/Referral software suite provider in the industry – ShadowScript.

For those who are new to the industry, ShadowScript are the ones who create software suites that are very much needed by the investment programs to run properly. They create codes for the system to auto calculate the daily, weekly, or monthly earnings. They also create codes to process payment transactions. But this is not the only things they do for us. In general, they are like the skeleton or framework builders of the programs we are investing on. You can find their website at www.ShadowScripts.com.

In relation to this, I am inviting everyone to send out an email to me at admin@thehyipbulletin.com should you have questions, concerns, comments or suggestions. This will be a very wonderful opportunity for us to know what is going behind the curtains of the industry we are into.

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