Saturday, December 15, 2012

New Enlisting: Pick Profit (12/16/12)

Before I present the Bi-weekly Rankings, News and Updates report, let me introduce to you the latest program I have added in My Personal List. This program has just been released a few hours in the industry and is a short term investment program with a typical straightforward investment portfolio. The name of this program is Pick Profit.

Pick Profit offers 4 investment portfolios of which you can choose from. Each of these investment portfolios are bracketed and varies depending on how much you are willing to.

If you want to starting earning  the from the said program, a minimum of $10 is required. The program is paying on calendar days with the interest rate depending on the amount spend and the number of days your investments are locked it. You can deposit your cash either to the 1 day-plan which earns 110% after term, the 5-day plan which earns 160% after term, the 10-day plan with 250% and the 15-day plan with 350% after.

While you wait for the FULL PROGRAM REVIEW to be published later, feel free to explore Pick Profit's website here and sign up under me to get the REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK after receiving cash requests later on.

Explore Pick Profit Website here.

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