Thursday, December 6, 2012

SureInv Promo News and The HYIP Bulletin Events Sponsor

SureInv, our Featured Program of the Month and currently ranked 5 in the Top Most Favorite HYIP, sent out a newsletter today. SureInv is middle to long term investment program paying 3.5-5% daily up to 60 business days and has been online now for 22 days. You can see the full review of the program here too.

The said newsletter informs its members about being the featured program here in The HYIP Bulletin and talks about the suggested readings that its members should look into, examples of which are the Featured Program Page, PromisingProgram Updates Page, and The HYIP Bulletin Events Mechanics.

On another note, SureInv is also our MAJOR SPONSOR for The HYIP Bulletin weekly and monthly events. This means that all the cash prizes of our weekly and monthly events will be sponsored by the program. PLUS, instead of just winning $20, the weekly cash prize now increased to $50 per week! If you want to win that FREE CASH PRIZE, make sure to read the mechanics here.

Lastly, I will be doing an interview with SureInv in the next few days and I am inviting everyone to send out your questions, comments and suggestions to me by sending me an email at This will be a very good opportunity for us to determine if they are one of those programs that we are really hoping for – sustainable, long lasting, and profitable!

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Here is the entire newsletter:
“Hello all

We are very glad to announce that we are being featured for the entire month of December by one of the most followed blog in the industry today: The HYIP Bulletin.

In relation to this, all news and updates about sureinv can also be found on the blog as well.

Recommended Readings:

1. sureinv Program of the Month Page (
Here you can find the sureinv program review and program updates for the month of December.

2. Promising Programs Section
This section tells you why The HYIP Bulletin recommends sureinv.

3. Win Cash Prizes Weekly and Monthly (
sureinv will be sponsoring The HYIP Bulletin's Weekly and Month Events this December. Get ready to win as much as $50 every week and $100 by the end of the month!

Thank you for visiting The HYIP Bulletin. See you soon,

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