Saturday, December 8, 2012

Problem Programs: Nubcuyo and Money Galaxy

The latest update we received from the monitoring boards is that Nubcoyu, a supposed long term investment program and is currently ranked 10 in the Top Favorite HYIPs (will be removed soon) has been tagged under problem status after having pending cash outs for 24 hours.

Nubcoyu has been know for its weekly newsletter because of the "novel-like" narration included. Every newsletter per week is well looked forward by its members as each one is curious as to what would be the next development of the admin's family and team story. Unfortunately, this does not excluded them from the fact that they have stopped paying for the past 24 hours now.

Thus, the said program will be marked under problem status. Let us hope that they can bounce back and start paying again so that we can all enjoy its weekly stories. For the time being, PLEASE DO NOT INVEST FURTHER.

On the other end, Money Galaxy, also a supposed long term investment program and had been previously on the Top Most Favorite Programs is still on problem status but the scam status has been lifted because of the fact that the program is still continually paying out its investors from the e-currencies of SolidTrustPay and Ego Pay. The investors of Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money on the other hand have not had their pay outs yet. This then marks them under the problem status. Unfortunately no explanation has been released by the admin yet and despite multiple emails, we are receiving no response.

In any case, we strongly advise not to invest in the said program until all problems have been addressed.

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