Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Enlisting: Founders Fund (12/20/12)

Another program released just a few hours ago has been added in My Personal List in this month’s second half. The program that I am referring to is no other than Founders-Fund. As per practice, all programs you have joined under my sponsorship are with RCB or REFERRAL COMMISSION BACK.

Like the recent programs added, it is also a short term investment program. I am sure by now you are acquainted with how short term investment programs should be played therefore I know that you also have already developed and exercised your skills in this field. This will help be ready and well equipped for next year’s run.

This time around, the program that we will be practicing our investment strategy skills is a little bit more different from the rest. You might have noticed that the quality of web designed previously introduced were more pleasing and easier to the eyes. Although, Founders-Fund needs a bit improvement on this aspect, please do not be mislead because the reason why I added Founders-Fund in my listing is not because of the different factors and potentials it has for us investors.
While I do my program review, please feel free to explore the program here and do not forget to sign up under me for you to be able to receive your REFERRAL COMMISSION BACK as usual should you decided to invest and practice your skills. As soon as I am done with the full program review, it will be published as usual on The HYIP Bulletin Reviews.

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