Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Platinum Vertex FREE CASH PRIZES!

We received another newsletter from the Rank 1 Top Most Favorite HYIP today. Platinum Vertex is promoting its program in a different way in comparison to others and has already made its indentity by breaking the usual promotional strategies like ads and banners by doing events instead. You can see the program review and the interview of Platinum Vertex admin here.

In by absence (no electricity due to the typhoon that hit our area), I missed another newsletter also from the said program so I will be placing these two updates under one newsletter. I apologize for this.

First thing I want to point out, WHICH IS VERY IMPORTANT. As much as possible, I want all of us to participate in this event since the admin is giving out a CASH PRIZE OF $50!

That is 100% risky free CASH PRIZE and all we have to do is post our BEST CHRISTMAS GREETING either on their testminonial page which can be accessed through our back office, of via our shoutbox, or via their Facebook page. This is FREE CASH GUYS, thus let us all go for it!

The newsletters inform us that they will be doing some changes on their website in order to make it look more "Christmas themed." We can see now that the usual slideshow of their products had been replaced with the different events this month. Also, they have announced the days that they will not be paying out this December.

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Here are the newsletters
"Newsletter from the CEO #2
Good day to all Platinum Vertex Members,
First of all, we would like to say thank you so much for the MASSIVE and IMMEASURABLE trust and support you have given to Platinum Vertex.

Since early this week, we have been receiving a lot of deposits from the Palladian and Rhodic plans. We absolutely know your concerns when you invested your money in these plans, most especially that the Christmas season is coming near. Just to picture things out for us all, Christmas is also the time of the year wherein we spend our cash buy precious gifts and stuff for ourselves, or our love ones. Instead, these people have entrusted a part of their savings to Platinum Vertex. You can be at ease because your money is safe with us here in Platinum Vertex.

We will make sure that you, as our partner, will benefit from the profits we also are making from the offline business. This is the most demanding time of the year for us all and a lot of our brothers and sisters are buying Platinum Vertex\'s products and goods. We are also starting to increase the production because our franchises are booming too! We are very glad about these great developments and we could not have done it without all you guys! Indeed, it is an absolute WIN-WIN scenario for us all.

This time around, it is our turn to return the favor to you guys! As promised,we will keep our word by staying true to our promise of providing you innovative and exciting developments every time.

Here are the things in store for you:

1. Depositors Hall of Fame Page - investors of the Palladian and Rhodic plans are our PREMIUM members and deserve the RIGHT TO BE RECOGNIZED. I have already assigned Platinum Vertex\'s personal IT Team to create a very special page for you all. Should you not want your name to be included in the list for whatever reason is, please inform us via email at
2. The Platinum Vertex products slideshow will be temporarily suspended this month because we will be replacing them with the Christmas Events!
3. All Event Mechanics can now be found on the different banners so watch out for them!
Lastly, I would like to announce the two days that Platinum Vertex will not be paying this December. This is to prevent any losses while maintaining the sustainability of our online company during the unproductive days of our offline company.

1. December 10 - Platinum Vertex will not be doing any business transactions during this day for the Company Christmas Party. Please be informed ahead also that there will not be processing of cash out requests since all departments, including the financial sector will be busy preparing for the company Christmas Party.
2. December 25 - Platinum Vertex will not be doing any business transactions this day in honor of the most celebrated season of the year, Christmas Day. All business transactions will resume on the 26th.

If you have some suggestions, questions or concerns please feel free to contact us via our Ticket Support and we will send you a response right away.

Happy Holidays!


CEO - Platinum Vertex"

Newsletter #2
"Christmas Event Banners Up
Hello to all the Platinum Vertex members,
We are very happy to announce that the Christmas Banner Slideshows are finally up.
Feel free to check them out and take note of the dates for the different events. You can also check out the schedules at our Fun Calendar page.
Do not forget to post your different Christmas greetings on our shoutbox, testimonial page, or Facebook page.
The best Christmas Greeting WINS $50!!!
Let us hear your greetings now! Cut off time is this Friday 2359 GMT+8 time.
The winner will then be announced this Sunday via newsletter.
Platinum Vertex Team "

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