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The HYIP Bulletin Bi-weekly Ranking, News and Updates Report 12/19/12

Good day to all the readers, followers and subscribers of The HYIP Bulletin. It is another issue of our Bi-weekly reports and as promised, the said report will be everything that you need to know about the programs enlisted in here. In general, it is a slow but progressive day since the last issue and all of these is due to the fact that Black December is in effect. Therefore you might have noticed that there are fewer news and updates daily.

Nevertheless, it is our duty and responsibility to be updated with the latest news and trends in the industry so as to keep us in profit and prevent any loses.

Top 5 Most Favorite HYIP
First on the list for this week is the usual ranking of our programs. Here are the current Top 5 Favorite HYIPs from this update basing on our Survey Poll.

1. Platinum Vertex 
2. Profitable Sunrise

3. Stallion Gold
4. Benson Union

As you can see, more or less the ranking of today’s update has slightly changed due to the fact that one of the programs that had long been waiting to grab the position has finally done the slip. First on the ranking is still the already 35 days online Platinum Vertex. It recently has reached the breakeven point for the first day investors and I do hope that the program will stay for more periods. If it reached 2013, then definitely it has a very bright future. Next on the rankings is actually new to the top 5 but definitely been on the rankings for a long time now. Today, Profitable Sunrise has finally overlapped not just one but 3 programs! I have been closely monitoring the program too and it has gained a lot of fans especially as the year is closing up. This could be a good sign for them as they approach 2013. Next on the rankings is no other than Stallion Gold who has been consistently been on the top 3 spots on the list for more than 2 months now. I have seen the program bounced up and down from the rankings but no more than its current rank now. This is closely followed by two other programs that are of equal standing as of the moment – Benson Union and SureInv. Just like Stallion Gold, Benson Union is also one of the program who have been consistently anchored its ranking in the Top 5 spots. It is a very strong program since it has started I with the pacing it has as of the moment, 2013 is very reachable for them should there be no issues encountered. As for SureInv, the program has tried to keeps its profile low but I believe that the people have already placed their eyes on them. With a very capable admin, it indeed has shine brighter than the rest despite not doing much yet. Let us wait and see how it blooms itself this 2013.

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My Personal List (Referral Commissions Back)
So far, I have not added any new programs for enlisting since the last update. It seems that the programs launched lately have not created much impact or perhaps I have just missed some out. If you did find out an interesting program, feel free to inform me so I can check it out. As for those who missed out the last two programs I have added in the recent issue of The Bi-weekly update, here they are:

1. Miracle Fund – this short term program offers a total of 4 investment plans – Basic, Standard, Professional and Ultimate. It is pretty much straightforward plans with the difference depending on the amount and number of days you are willing to wait and risk. Like any other investment plans, each plan is bracketed into 3. This means that the bigger amount you deposit, the bigger your earnings. You can see the full program review here.

2. Pick Profit – this short term program also offers a total of 4 investment plans. Like the first, it is also very much straightforward and earnings vary depending on the amount you are willing to risk. You can see the full program review here.

Promising Programs
The HYIP Bulletin Warning: please read this first before continuing. This section points out some POSSIBLE AND POTENTIALLY good programs basing on EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD program updates or decisions that have caught my eyes lately.

After a few days of waiting, we finally heard from the admin of one of the most talked about program today. I am referring to no other than SureInv who has been steadily growing and showing very promising signs as it approaches 2013. Let us get to know more the makers of this very promising program by reading “The HYIP Bulletin Interviews: Thomas of SureInv.”

Problem Programs
These programs were the ones who failed to pay after the specific time frame mentioned on their FAQ (usually 24 hours). They may have stopped paying for whatever reasons it could be - either hosting or server issues, or personal and health issues. Nevertheless, not paying is not paying and thus they will be marked under problem status. IT IS STRONGLY ADVISED TO NOT INVEST IN THESE PROGRAMS.

Australian Business Group - site offline
Plural Money - not paying
MyGlobalFinance - not paying
Trade Swap - not paying
Real Inves - not paying
Instant Pay U - not paying
Diamond Investment - not paying
Lotus River - not paying
GieBank - not paying
Profit-For-All - not paying
Oil Assets Inc- not paying
Best Earn Money - not paying
Real Online Profit - not paying
Investment 2013 - not paying

Scam Status
These programs have been confirmed to be non-paying. These programs could either be those who failed to send cash outs after the given 48 hours, or the programs who explicitly inform everyone that they will be closing shops.
Fast Withdrawal (34 days)
MYBMD (32 days)
Premium Invest Online (13 days)
Perfect Trade Hourly (44 days)
Make Money Double (32 days)
Earning Trend (20 days)
Nominimum Invest (20 days)
American FX Trade (64 days)

Unlike the last issue of our Bi-weekly update, we have seen a significant drop on the number of programs that are on verified scam status. I just hope that there will be more similar trending of this in the future since it has been consistently high number of verified scam programs in the past issues. It is just a proof that Black December is still in its full swing.

This Update’s Strategies, Tips and Tricks Reminder:

It is a must for you to determine the total profit obtained after a cycle or term. Some investment plans offer different daily rates. They can range from 3% up to even 11% or more daily. Although these are very important factors, you also have to consider the fact about how long you will be earning. Example computation is a program giving out 5% daily for 30 days with principal included. This means that at end of term, you will receive 150% or 50% profit. On the other hand, one program offers 11% daily rate for 10 days. This means that at end of term you will receive 110% or 10% profit. If you are going to do this for the next 30 days without compounding, you will have a total of 30% only. Thus, the second program will prove to be more sustainable.

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