Friday, December 7, 2012

The HYIP Bulletin Interviews: Ryan Harvey of Innovis Corp.

It is finally Friday and yet there is still no electricity at home since Tuesday. I hope that electricity will soon be back so that I can finally return to my usual sending of updates on time for your guys. I am really sorry for some news and updates slightly delay. This is unfortunately out of my control and I do hope that you will understand that I have to travel downtown where there is electricity so that I can send the daily news and updates.

Anyways, today is another special day because we will be reading an interview from one of the programs enlisted here in The HYIP Bulletin. The program I am talking about is no other than the latest short term investment program namedInnovis Corp. I would like to invite you to read also the program review here. So without further waiting, please sit back, relax and enjoy as I present to you “The HYIP Bulletin Interviews: Ryan Harvey of Innovis Corp.”

1.) Hi Admin of Innovis Corp., before we go into the details can you please introduce yourself to the readers of The HYIP Bulletin and tell us about your role in the program?
- Hello! My name is Ryan Harvey. I am the main Admin and founder of Innovis Corp. Investment Company. I control all aspects of our company’s operations and dynamics. Of course, this is not a job for one person, so we have a well-matched team in which everyone does their part.

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