Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Platinum Vertex Site on DDoS

loI received an update from Platinum Vertex, a middle to long term investment program paying for 4.5-6% daily for 40 business days, that their website is under DDoS. You can see the full program review and admin interview here.

According to the email I received, they had been flooded with DDoS threats by jealous competitors and that they had been longtime blackmailed that if they do not pay, they will be attacked. Unfortunately, today the hackers were finally able to succeed in this. Nevertheless, they are working extra time to be able to resolve the said issue and that they will be back according to their estimation within today.

Personally, I do hope that what they are saying is true since the program has already created a good name for them. Not only have they been increasing their ratings consistently here in The HYIP Bulletin but they too are already being recognized in the different forums, monitors and blogs which could be the reason as to why they are getting so much attention from the hackers too. For the time being, let us wait and observe how things will go. If you have plans to do reinvestments, I suggest to keep it safe for now and wait for the tides to calm down.

Here is the email I received from them:
"Hi THB,

We are currently on a DDoS. Our technicians are already working extra time for this and we are hoping that the site will be back within today. We are very sorry for the inconvenience this might have brought you and your followers.

Rest assured that everything is under control. Please do help us inform all the people.

Thanks in advance."

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