Friday, December 21, 2012

Founders-Fund Program Review

Founders-Fund ReviewHi everyone. Today we will be looking into the latest program added in My Personal List. The latest program I have to my list is Founders-Fund. The said program is a short term investment program and just like any other short term programs it is a fast turn one. If properly played and proves sustainable enough, I can give us a considerable amount of extra income. If you are a fan of short term or fast yielding investment programs, then I advise you to read further as we look into the details of Founders-Fund. Lastly, please be reminded to make sure to sign up using the links in order for you to get your REFERRAL COMMISSION BACK.

The first thing that we will be looking into a more detailed perspective is its investment plans. As you might have noticed with the rest of the short term investment plans, it offers more than 100% return in a daily basis. Founders-Fund is a very good example for that. But unlike any other programs, what really is interesting is that the brackets are having higher returns than the rest. It has a total of 3 investment plans and all have very good returns.
The first investment plan it offers is the 1-day plan. After 1 day from investment, you will be able to earn a return rate of 106-112%. This means that aside from your principal, a profit of 6-12 % is included. For this plan, a minimum of $10 is required and up to $300 for you to earn the 6% profit rate. Should you decide to invest $301 and up to $50,000then you will be able to earn a more considerable amount of 12% return rate. This is a very good profit rate if ever the program can last for a while.

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