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The HYIP Bulletin Bi-weekly Ranking, News and Updates Report 12/02/12

Hello everyone. It is another new month here in The HYIP Bulletin and everything feels joyful as everyone is in preparation for the best time of the year – Christmas! Nevertheless, we still have a lot of things to do and discuss in the industry so let us focus more on it for now. First of is that the November Survey Poll for Top Most Favorite HYIP has now been officially closed and results will be published soon. Another is that the weekly and monthly winners for the “VOTERS OF THE HYIP BULLETIN POLL” will soon be announced too. Stay tune for that! Now on to the industry updates.

Top 5 Most Favorite HYIP
First on the list for this week is the usual ranking of our programs. Here are the current Top 5 Favorite HYIPs from this update basing on our Survey Poll.

Nothing has changed in this week’s voting poll. No can see that the same programs have successfully maintained each one’s position. First on the list is Platinum Vertex, which is followed by Stallion Gold. They are also closely followed by programs Benson Union, 4FX Investment and Felmina Alliance.

 Vote and win weekly prizes! Mechanics on how to win here!

My Personal List
One program has been added on My Personal List for this update. You will not see this program promoted on the different main forums, blogs or monitors since it is a private program. You can only sign up via a CERTIFIED SPONSOR. Since you are all followers of The HYIP Bulletin, you may sign up under my sponsorship – thehyipbulletin.

1. Epic Royal FundThis is a long term program with $10 as minimum for cash out. It is a private company paying you 1% daily or 8% weekly. Plans range from 7 days and principal returned after together with your profit or for 60 days for long term running investment. It has a very complex and extravagant website and has been online now for 11 days.

Promising Programs
The HYIP Bulletin Warning: please read this first before continuing. This section points out some POSSIBLE AND POTENTIALLY good programs basing on EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD program updates or decisions that have caught my eyes lately.

1. Platinum Vertex – first on the list of the program who have caught my eye in the past few days is Platinum Vertex. The said program has been surprising me with very good updates and they have introduced events for members to win cash prizes. The latest update excites me too which is the introduction of FUN CALENDAR. Read more about this update here.

2. SureInv – this program was released on the same date with Platinum Vertex and is also gaining a very good number of followers and fan. The program creates its own identity by introducing a very unique monitoring page which contains all the top monitors, forums and bloggers of the industry. Without much saying, The HYIP Bulletin is also included on the said list. Also, SureInv is our Featured Program for the month of December and I will be doing an interview with the admin few weeks from now so watch out for that.

3. Epic Royal Fund – this private program is starting to catch a lot of good investors in the industry. Personally I have already invested in the said program. As claimed by the program admin, they do not want to provoke a huge influx of investors and that is the very reason why they are not doing any expenses for advertising. ONLY CERTIFIED SPONSORS which are handpicked and validated by the program admin can join. Those who are interested MUST sign up under the aforementioned sponsor. If you are interested to join, feel free to use my sponsor ID – thehyipbulletin or just use my link here.

Problem Programs
These programs were the ones who failed to pay after the specific time frame mentioned on their FAQ (usually 24 hours). They may have stopped paying for whatever reasons it could be - either hosting or server issues, or personal and health issues. Nevertheless, not paying is not paying and thus they will be marked under problem status. IT IS STRONGLY ADVISED TO NOT INVEST IN THESE PROGRAMS.

BestProfits - not paying
Technology Of Power - not paying
Tobacco Capital - not paying
Make Money Double - not paying
New-time - not paying
Empire Finance Group - not paying
Trading Coalition - not paying
Kash Gol Ltd - not paying
Free Trades Inc - not paying
Afsa Investment - not paying
Capital Turbo Ltd - not paying
Endat Invest - not paying
Pristine Funds - not paying
Jay Invest - not paying
Loyal Assets Ltd - not paying
Navitas Trade - not paying
Hiper Profits - not paying
Save Inv - not paying  

Scam Status
These programs have been confirmed to be non-paying. These programs could either be those who failed to send cash outs after the given 48 hours, or the programs who explicitly inform everyone that they will be closing shops.

Successful Investment (912 days)
Fx Earn (270 days)
Trillion Markets(91 days)
Strong Investment Ltd (45 days)
AV-eurotrade (10 days)
AVGCM (9 days)
Lord of Profits (8 days)
Royalty Money Hourly (8 days)
Camboura (5 days)

It is sad to know that one VERY LONG TIME running program has finally closed the curtain.Having said this, I hope that there are only a few who lost on the game of the said program. The number of long term running programs has a higher risk of closing this season in comparison to any other time of the year. There are also a couple of short lived program and one of the most significant is Lord of Profits who was forced to shut down due to server and DDoS attacks. Thus, it clearly shows that this industry require a very good and reliable hosting provider.

This Update’s Strategies, Tips and Tricks Reminder:

It is not advisable to invest on the already running LONG TERM programs during the Christmas and early New Year Season. 
It is common for some already long time running programs to close their shops during this season because of a great number of players trying to request for their principal return. This causes a huge hole on the funds of these types of programs. This is another phenomenon related to what we call Black Christmas in the HYIP Industry.

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