Thursday, December 13, 2012

New Enlisting: Miracle Fund (12/13/12)

I have added a new program in My Personal List today. Because of the full swing of Black December, you might have noticed that I reduced the number of new programs to be enlisted. This is because I am also not into throwing away money without any good basis. I hope you do understand that as much as possible, I want to limit the risk this month too. Due to the fact that investors are holding up their investments, this can lead to serious cash flow issues with the maintenance and sustainability of the programs. In turn, only the talented admins and some lucky ones remain up until January.

Nevertheless it would also be boring if we do not develop or skills in this industry. Thus I want to introduce to you guys the latest program I have added – Miracle Fund. In general, this is a short term program that was released just a few hours ago. I believe that despite everything, it has some potentials for you to earn fair profit should it prove to be sustainable. Again, everything is uncertain in this industry thus make sure to “play” at your own pace. The program pays you in CALENDAR DAYS.
It has a total of 4 investment plans to offer – Basic, Standard, Professional and Ultimate. It is pretty much straightforward plans with the different depending on the amount and number of days you are willing to wait and risk. Like any other investment plans, each plan is bracketed into 3 meaning the bigger amount you deposit, the bigger the earnings.
The first bracket of the Basic Plan starts with a minimum of $10 deposit and is up to $300 with earnings of 108% after one day. The next bracket is $301-$500 and gives 115%. The third plan is $501-5,000 with 120% after one day.
The Standard Plan is also bracketed and requires a minimum of $25 deposit and lasts for 4 days. The first bracket is $25-$300 and earns 140%. The next bracket is $301-$500 and earns 165%. Finally, the last bracket is $501-$5,000 and earns 190%.
The third plan, which is the Professional Plan, is also bracket with a minimum of $50 this time. It lasts for 6 days. The first bracket is $50-$300 and earns 180%. The next bracket is $301-$500 and earns 220%. Finally, the last bracket is $501-$5,000 and earns 260%.
Last but not the least is the Ultimate Plan which I think has the HIGHEST risk but with the highest profit upon completion of the cycle. It is also bracketed with a minim of $150 and lasts up to 10 days. The first bracket is $150-$300 and earns 260%. The next bracket is $301-$500 and earns 320%. Finally, the last bracket is $501-$5,000 and earns 400%.

As you can see, this program offers a high daily interest rate so I strongly advise to consider calculating your goals and anticipate for everything to happen. This is a high level game program and requires the bravest of hearts to join into. Should you be up for the challenge and want to reduce your being “conservative” and try something new, and then perhaps this can be a very good PRACTICE program for you in preparation for next year’s programs. Lastly, I want to remind you that Miracle Fund is just like any other HYIPs. We cannot really measure its true capabilities and only the program admin knows the true face of the program. We can only try to PREDICT the possibilities. If you are up for the challenge, then you are very much welcome to join me in honing our skills in the industry. Good luck to us as we start our journey with Miracle Fund.
TIP: Do not cash out very huge amounts of money. Instead, cut off your withdrawals into multiples. This way, you can also help the admin in managing its funds and in turn help yourself too. This is very much advantageous to HIGH INTEREST programs.
Full program review with be published tomorrow so tune it. But before that, do not forget to sign up and explore what the program has to offer here.

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