Saturday, December 8, 2012

Platinum Vertex Weekend Newsletter

We received a newsletter from the current ranked 1 program of our Top Most Favorite HYIP - Platinum Vertex. Platinum Vertex is a middle to long term investment program and is paying 4.5-6% daily for 40 business days. The program is online now for 24 days and have promoting its program through different events and offered cash prizes. You can see the full program review and admin interview here.

The said newsletter tells us about the program being done in the processing of all cash outs requests for the said week. Despite having released a newsletter regarding the inability to processes Liberty Reserve pay outs (caused by Liberty Reserve's unscheduled maintenance , they were able to finish all the pending cash outs for the week later today.

The said newsletter also mentions about the great success of their very first Christmas Event which is the "Best Holiday Greeting." The winner of the said event will be determined through voting during their Christmas Party this Monday, which by the way is considered a non-pay day by the program.

Finally, the last part of the newsletter informs us that everyone is invited for the second Christmas event of the program. This said event is a redo of the "2 weeks online event" wherein posting your testimonials on their Facebook, testimonial page, and Forums can earn you $0.50 each. The final $0.50 can b earned by voting in and giving you a total free CASH PRIZE of $2 should you finish all these tasks.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Good day to all Platinum Members!

We are very glad to announce that all pending cash outs for the week have now been processed. Should you have any cash outs pending for more than 24 hours, inform us right away.

On another note, our very first Christmas Event "Best Holiday Greeting" is a great success! We would like to thank everyone who have participated on the said event.

The official result of the said event will be decided through voting during our Christmas party this coming Monday, December 10, 2012 and the winner will be given the said $50 then after! Also please be reminded that the said same date is a non-business day for us thus pay outs will resume by Tuesday, December 11, 2012.

Finally, next week is another Christmas Event so we encourage everyone to participate for the "1st Month Online Testimonials Event." The said event will end by December 14, 2012 so make sure to avail your FREE $2. To claim your prize, see print ads for details.


Platinum Vertex Team"

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