Friday, November 23, 2012

Promising Program Updates Section Added

Hi to all the readers of The HYIP Bulletin. I would like to inform everyone that I have decided to create a new section in the website.

Here onwards, I will be posting some "Promising Program Updates" from the programs enlisted on My Personal List section.

If you noticed, there are two types of enlistings in the website.
a.) Investors Choice (Top Favorite HYIP Programs) - determined through voting by investors
b.) My Personal List - added after I deliberated and tagged them as potentially profitable


Please be INFORMED ahead of time that only the programs found on My Personal List section are found here. Also, I would have to inform each one of you that the said updates are VERY SPECIFIC AND SELECTED based on my PERSONAL OPINION that such updates can be a POSSIBLE indicator that the program is doing good AT ITS CURRENT STATE.

Please be warned also that the said updates in here are NOT A 100% ASSURANCE that the program will become A SCAM OR NOT! Use the information found in this section as to ASSIST YOU ONLY in determining if the program is still potentially profitable or not.

Lastly, make sure to CHECK THE DATE as to when the said update has been published since every single day in the industry can change dramatically.

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