Monday, October 15, 2012

711 Finance Latest News and Updates

Latest News and Updates (10/15/12) - Follow the entire story of ALL HYIP NEWS AND UPDATES HERE

We received 4 different newsletters from our featured program, 711 Finance today. The first newsletter is about 711 Finance detecting multiple accounts abusing the referral system. This for of cheating is done when a single user creates another account and makes their first account the referrer of the second one. Per terms and conditions and FAQ of 711 Finance, it is prohibited to create mutiple accounts under one IP address or a single person having multiple accounts. Thus, the admin will be suspending or terminating such accounts if found guilty on the said cheating.
Due to the 24% Bonus promo (explained on the second newsletter) offered by 711 Finance, this said behavior became a very much rampant activity in an attempt to gain more from the program. As a result, an approximate amount of $21,000 could be lost from 711 Finance due to the said fraudulence. The only way to safeguard and maintain the program's sustainability is to do a massive irradication of such cheaters!
Finally, the last two newsletters were about 711 Finance's new Facebook pages namely:
These two pages where designed and made for the purpose of letting the public viewers, as well as 711 Finance's members, know that indeed they are paying and that they are serious in keeping their promising as with regard to the 24% Bonus promo. This is a very good opportunity also for 711 Finance to prove them that they are a genuine paying program composed of brilliant team!
As soon as the pay outs for the said promo is done, recepients are encouraged to post their proof of payments while admins are also actively displaying the current pay-out progress and completion of the said promo.
For those who wants to avail on the said promo, you can still do so until OCTOBER 18, 2012. Simply read the newsletters below on how to do it.
Here are the 4 original newsletters:
2012-10-15: 2 New Facebook Pages for 711Bonus and 711Payback
Visit and like our 2 new Facebook pages and
. Here we are going to publish all paid bonusses to current members,
and 711Paybacks to former 711members.

Kind regards,
Amanda Russel

2012-10-15  711Payback = 711Finance Payments to former 711Members starting on 19-Oct-2012 News for former 711Investors only - July/August 2012
Dear former 711Finance investors,
This is a heads up for some really good news we all have been waiting for a long time.

All former members from July/August 2012 who had invested with 711Finance and
haven't been in profit yet, are going to receive back principals minus already withdrawn funds starting this week.

I am glad to be able to announce, that I am going to start the 711Payback process on 19th of October 2012, exactly 1 day after our Bonus24 offer ends.

Later on today, all former 711members will receive an email with quick and very easy to follow
step by step instructions on how to proceed to get paid. That's easy , so no worries, everybody can do.
All payments will go out to you very fast - you won't see any delay from our side ).

So please -- w a i t -- for this email coming today.
... AND ...
here is the OFFICIAL 711PAYBACK facebopok page

where we gonna publish in REAL TIME usernames and paid amounts, so the hyip world can watch us doing our job.

Thank you and
stay tuned for the update later today.
Kind regards,
Amanda Russel

2012-10-15 24percent One-Time-Bonus Offer is about to expire in 3 days
 Update 15-October-2012: Bonus24percent offer is going to be removed on 18th of October 2012 ( in 3 days)
General Rule: You will get your bonus, if your 2nd deposit is done latest until 18-October-2012 11.59.59 PM

You can read this info on our BonusPage

Our 24% one time bonus had been originally created in the early days of 711Finance, back in July 2012, as an incentive to first time members and to help to make a decision to invest in 711Finance.
It is safe to say, that by now 711 reached a certain amount of public awareness and popularity. As a direct result, I have decided to take away our Bonus24 offer.

*** Deadline is 18-October-2012 11.59.59 PM (23.59.59) SERVER TIME GMT ***
You can find the 711Official Time at the bottom of our page left hand side.

Most common bonus questions are answered here:
1. Who will still have a chance to get the 24percent bonus ?
You can find the 711Official Time at the bottom of our page left hand side.
Everyone, who is investor of 711Finance, and who has at least 2 investments made until deadline.
a) If you are not a 711member yet, you can register for free, and place 2 (two!) deposits until deadline, and you will receive your 24percent bonus.
b) If you are a member, but did not deposits yet, you can place until dealine 2 (two!) deposits, and you will receive your 24percent bonus.
c) If you are an investor with one deposit only, you can place until dealine your 2nd (second!) deposit, and you will receive your 24percent bonus.

2. Who will *not* get the 24percent bonus ?
a) If you did not do any investments nor plan to do them (obviously).
b) If you did only 1 investment yet, and if you gonna miss do to your 2nd investment until deadline.
c) If you have already gotten your bonus.

If you are one of those, who want the bonus, follow this simple steps:
1. If you are not a member yet, register your member account, and do 2 deposits until deadline.
... be smart and ensure, that your first deposit is larger than the second one, as the 24percent bonus is paid based on the amount of the first deposit.

2. If you are already a member but did not make any deposit yet, simply do 2 deposits until deadline.
... again, be smart and ensure, that your first deposit is larger than the second one, as the 24percent bonus is paid based on the amount of the first deposit.
3. If you are already a member and did only 1 deposit yet, simply do a 2nd (second!) deposit until deadline.
... the second deposit can be as small as $7 or as big as you wish.

All members who have already made 2 deposits, will of course receive their bonusses!
24percent Bonus is paid, 12 days after your second investment expires. When this time has come you are requested to

Email us to our new email address
[ *** *** ] to claim your bonus.

Kind regards,
Amanda Russel

2012-10-15 711Finance detected multiple accounts
Over the last days we had to sort through a growing number of cheating accounts trying to game 711 doing referral fraud and multiple account-bonus fraud. Cross checking takes usually some time, and there where more findings so I had to decide to block several accounts and remove referral connections from others. That process is still going on and we will be done in the next 24-48 hours.
The ones who are effected receive email with instructions how to remove the account block.
For all others: Referral Fraud doesnt pay off - but it gets your account blocked.
Kind regards,Amanda Russel

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