Wednesday, October 31, 2012

InvStrategy LTD - Phone Support is available!

InvStrategy LTD offers a daily profit of 120% to 670% for 1 to 60 days of investment. It is now up for 34 days as of writing.

Here is a newsletter from them:
"Hello Dears!

With our increasing popularity and reputation, we have been receiving a lot of customer registrations from people of various places all over the world. The huge exposure InvStrategy has been receiving as of late, has made us one of the biggest investment companies across the world. Our services are available in practically all countries of the planet. InvStrategy LTD has been online for 33 days now, and as we had promised to some of our respected clients, we have established a very convenient phone support, which will operate 24 hours a day. It will ensure that our Customers receive support services, advice, instructions, and answers to any of their questions as quick as possible.
Call us: +44 203 514 56 12 

If you haven't opportunity to call to London, you are able to call to representative from your region:
We are active members in social networks, so you can ask your questions and share some facts with us there!
Join us on Facebook and Twitter:

Do not forget to vote for us on the monitors, facebook and twitter pages, where we have been listed at, and post your payment proofs in the various reputed forums, so as to help us attain even greater heights. Remember, when we reach greater heights, it is you who are actually having the benefit to make more and more profits from your investments.

Have a nice time with your beloved ones,

Steven Alonso and InvStrategy team

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