Tuesday, October 30, 2012

AntiDDoS Attacked and Downtime Websites

We received a report today that all sites hosted by the AntiDDoS are down AGAIN. They are currently experiencing a massive attack which resulted to inaccessibility of so many sites being hosted. This is not the first time this incident has ever happened. In fact this down-times have been happening too frequently in the past two weeks already.

Also, there are other host providers experiencing the same attacks. Most common site that are affected by attacks and are down today are the following: MajesticProfits, SkyCrown, Finvance, PipsFund, EVO Profit & PerfectFinance.

The recent series of attacks done to the different host providers from the HYIP industry are getting more common and frequent and I just hope that they will be doing something more drastic about this. It is already given that there are people who have nothing to do in life but attack the hosts, and try blackmailing different admins or programs just so to produce cash for their selfish ego through DDoS attacks. The least that these "AntiDDoS" provider can do is to protect their consumers and UPDATE their system frequently specially if their current system cannot handle such attacks anymore. They keep asking for this huge amount of money monthly only to provide incompetent results. Why do I say so? Like I've said, this is not the first, nor the second time it has happened. Much more, a series of attacks just within the week or two weeks time. If the progress is not enough, then the progress is no good at all. The consumers are entitled to the service that they are paying. These AntiDDoS are marketing are much more expensive protection than the others but how come they cannot provide that quality worth the consumers paid. They need to do something about this!

Lastly, if you think these cases should be taken likely, you better think again because if a particular program will be down for over 12 hours at least, it can really harm them! In fact it can lead to the programs' downfall! Imagine how much of a money can programs lose with thousands of members to be paid on the day where they are not earning. So I do hope you guys will also understand why I am frustrated about this situation. Not only are the program admins frustrated about this issue but also the investors who will be loosing money once the program decides to close shop too!

If you can and you will, I would appreciate it if you help raise the alarm and awareness of the people in the industry. Let this venting message of mine reach these host providers so that they may also know the consequences of the negligence they are causing.

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