Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Phinanci Surprise Prize

We received a newsletter from Phinanci today regarding some easy cash prices that can be availed by simply posting your payment proofs on Facebook, Money-maker-group and TalkGold and increasing public awareness.

Phinanci offers two investment plans which is the 20 days expiry and 50 days expiry. The first plan gives you a daily return rate of 6% with daily net profit of 1%. You profit will be received as one time together with your principal upon day 20 and thus you have to wait for 20 days before you can request for cash out. The minimum deposit amount is $10. Total ROI is 20%. The second plan offers a daily return rate of 3% per day and 1% daily net profit. In this plan, you can request cash outs daily for 50 days with minimum deposit of $50 and an ROI of 50%.

There are two programs for these, namely "I love Phinanci" and "Share our Alexa Ranking." The goal of the said two programs is to promote awareness to the public about the said website.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Surprise Prize
We are running two small prize giveaways on our Facebook page as well as in our forum threads in MoneyMakerGroup and TalkGold.

"I love Phinanci"
Post your payment proof on our Facebook page or on our MoneyMakerGroup TalkGold threads and win random monetary surprise awards directly to your payment account. Only requirement is to include in your post "I love Phi", "I love Phinanci" or anything that follows the same notion.


Share our Alexa rank
Share our growing Alexa rank on your Facebook wall and win a prize of $5 USD directly to your payment processor. The only two requirements are that your Facebook account is public and you that you are a member of Phinanci.

You can find the Alexa rank post on our Facebook page:

Good Luck to All! And Have Fun!

Team Phinanci
Follow Phinanci on Twitter and Facebook"

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