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Daily HYIP Rankings, News and Updates 10/23/2012

Carbon Deals: First Investments Finish 1st Cycle | PrimeX7 The Battle of the Primes contest | SkyCrown Problems Over | AVO Domain Update
Good day everyone. Today seems to be a fresh new breeze for our different programs in the industry. It is a whole new week of oppurtunities and chances. It is also a whole new week to make sure that we are always on the profit and to do this, we always have to make sure that we are always at a caution. The best way to do this is to make sure that we are update all the time. Do not forget to subsribe for you to receive your daily news and updates via email here.

Carbon Deals: First Investments Finish 1st Cycle
Carbon Deals is first on the list for today's headlines which is regarding newsletter update. Carbon Deals is one of our latest enlisted program and is also part of our TOP MOST FAVORITE PROGRAM. With a minimum deposit of $20 only, you will now be able to choose from their wide variety of investment plans - 3.6-5.2% daily or 8-10% weekly for up to 70 days, the said company has gained a very good reputation most specially during their launching phase. In fact they have already reached the milestone of 2000 members in just a matter of 2 days time.

Today, the said program is very happy to announce to the public that the investors of the weekly plans, namely the Cleaner fuel and Energy Efficient plans, have already completed their first cycle. Carbon Deals is very happy to inform also their investors that most have already done their cash outs, and have already prepared for their next investment cycle.

Another great excitement that the program is anticipating is reaching the Break Even Point for the obvious start of all the investment plans - The Gas Recovery Plans.
Make sure to get to know more of Carbon Deals today! Check it out here.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Esteemed Members,
One week has already passed and our first members are already seeing concrete results.
Those who invested in the Clean Fuel 1 week plan on our debut are already cashing out or reinvesting their initial investment as well as 8% interest.
Congratulations to them and all the best to the rest of our members. 
It won't be long now until the star of our show, the Gas Recovery plan, starts reaching the break-even point.
Best Regards,
Peter Neperus
carbondeals.net "

PrimeX7 The Battle of the Primes contest 
As promised, our featured program of the month has already released today their stored surpise for us. During our interview with Blue, the admin of PrimeX7 mentioned that the customers should look forward to the surpise they have prepared for them. PrimeX7 offers 7% daily for 23 days or 157%-307% after 7-28 days and with a minimum investment of only $10.

Today, they formally announced the invitation for local representatives and search for the most active representative. The said invest will then be called "The Battle of the Primes." Prices also will be give to those who got the most number of referral commissions while a consolation price will also be given to the referrer who got the most number of active referrals.

Here is the entire newsletter:"Hello Crispin Irving Vendiola 
It is my greatest honor and pleasure to inform you that PrimeX7 is nearing its first month in the HYIP industry. Although our company had long been successful offline, we cannot deny the fact that through PrimeX7 the company has reached a new break-through! Each day becomes more and more exciting. In fact, the growth was too exponential lately that we really were not expecting it would be this successful.

As a means to show our deepest and sincerest gratitude to everyone, we are v
ery happy to announce our very first "The Battle of the Primes" contest!

The rule is very simple. Whoever gets the biggest amount of referral commission from October 23 until the celebration of our very first month of PrimeX7 which is on October 30 gets the title "The Ultimate Prime." There will also be consolation prices for the 2nd and 3rd placers.
Prices are as follow:
1st Price : $200
2nd Price : $150
3rd Price : $100

We do understand also that it takes great interpersonal and social skills to represent a company. As means of our gratitude we will also be giving a consolation price to the representative who gets to have the most number of active referrals. The said representative will then get the title "The Mega Prime" and will receive a bonus of $100!

Lastly, "The Battle of the Primes" will be held monthly here onwards! To qualify for the said contest, you simply have to an account at http://primex7.com/

And so, through the power bestowed on me, I hereby declare "The Battle of the Primes" OPEN!
You can find the information also on https://www.facebook.com/Primex7
Share your link and get the battle start !
*Time Zone is GMT+1
Admin - Blue"

SkyCrown Technical Problems Over
SkyCrown, one of the Top Most Favorite Programs and also one of the fastest growing program in the industry sent out a newsletter today. SkyCrown offers 3-3.5% daily for 50 days for a minimum deposit of $25.

Due to the massive increase of members and sudden popularity growth of the said progra, they have had issues in their database leading to erroneous and delayed crediting in the member's account. At first, it was barely noticeable until a couple of hundred accounts were already affected. This incidents forced SkyCrown to do something about the said system and they were left no other choice but to do some massive and extensive upgrade on their database. Finally, after a couple of hours in adjusting the said issue, the program is now back to how it should be.

Nick, one of the admins of the said program also apologized to their members for not taking actions on the said issue right away. Through this experience, the management gave their word that all future issues, big or small, will be addressed right away so as no further escalations of similar incidents could happen again.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Dear Members,
I am sure almost all of you are aware of the recent technical problems we have been having for the past 7 days. 

Profits were being generated at irregular intervals and sometimes not even generated at all. 
Our technical team has found the window necessary to implement a solution this evening and now, after a short unscheduled maintenance downtime we are proud to announce that our website has been returned to the same perfect and precise functionality as before. 

Immediately after our first month online, we have been dealing with constantly increasing enthusiasm from our public and our database management software cracked under the pressure of so many simultaneous instances. 

While we welcome and appreciate the constant rise in activity and popularity, it has caught us off guard on the technical side. 

Certain administration techniques may seem fine in empirical testing or for a few hundred accounts, but these were certainly not good enough for our current daily activity and traffic. 
A professional, rock-solid database management solution was developed over the weekend, so problems like these are never to occur again. 

Starting now, Skycrown Capital Management is back to the Swiss-clock mechanics you have been accustomed to. 

Just now, 490 have received their interest payment for the 22nd of October. We deeply underestimated the magnitude of the situation and we are sorry for this. 

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused to so many members and for the doubt these problems might have put in your hearts. 

Our whole team is humbled by these recent events and we would like to ask for your forgiveness. We will not let you down like this ever again!

Skycrown Capital Management has a bright future ahead indeed and as neither past week\'s slander nor these technical difficulties managed to put us down, nothing ever will. We have learnt and grown a great deal over the last week. But we must look forward now, as there is much work to be done! 
Warm Regards,
Nick Seltzer
Online Identity Manager
Skycrown Capital Management"

AVO Domain Update
We received a very important update from AVO Inc today regarding an update on their website domain. AVO Inc is also one of our TOP MOST FAVORITE PROGRAMS offers a daily interest of 3% for 90 business days

The update states that they will now be migrating the said website from the previous avo.net to avousa.com. The said migration is due to the new USA rules on providing international investment services.
The said migration will also cause the migration of all other weblinks on the said program, thus referral links should also be updates.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Dear The HYIP Bulletin,
Due to the USA rules on providing international investment services, we are being forced to change our main domain name from avo.net to avousa.com

We ask for your understanding and really wish to apologize for any inconvenience caused by this decision. From today, you can visit us at avousa.com and please update all links to avousa.com
Best Regards,

6801 19th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11204
TEL: +1 (212) 252-2183
FAX: +1 (212) 252-2193
SMS: +1 (205) 440-1010"

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