Sunday, October 28, 2012

InvStrategy LTD Celebrates 30 Days Online!

We received a newsletter today from one of the programs enlisted in our Free Listing Section.

InvStrategy, short to mid term program offering 120-170% after 1-3 days or 240-670% for 6-15 days, has reached 30 days old today. Considering the fact that the program is offering higher than the other programs, we can say that this is a huge accomplishment from the program. I can only imagine the efforts exerted on the said program should be really high to be able to maintain the said high return rate. Thus we can say that at least, most of those who have joined earlier or the said program are now on profit.

Supposedly, the said newsletter should be a good news for the investors since they have reached 1 month online and all that, but what struck me most is the fact that they are adding a much more higher investment portfolio which for me does not fit into the picture. Frankly speaking, I am suspecting that this could be one of the possible signs of an impending downfall for the said program. The new plan is just too unrealistically high and no professional HYIP player would take it as something good.

They also mentioned that their company is a real registered company, and that you can view their certificates on their website from now on. This also raised my alarm signals too. Why show the certificates just now? Is it to justify and cover up the unimaginable increase of rate for the new plan?

Nevertheless, I could be mistaken too. I will leave it to your judgement as to how you are going to take this news.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Hello Dears!

As you may know my name is Steven Alonso and I am general manager of InvStrategy website.

I am happy to say that we successfully passed 30 days online, with total = almost 3,400 members registered and more than 200 thousands dollars = already deposited to our investment plans. I am glad to see so many = members who already in profit and I hope we will reach 1 million dollars = deposits in near future. Anyway, by my opinion it's already fantastic = result and InvStrategy team is glad with current level of growth.

Well, let`s talk about good news!
Due to numerous requests from many of our respected investors of InvStrategy, we are now introducing a = new short term plan, which will offer you a very high return within a = short interval of time. Our new plan is a =931680% after 30 days=94, which = means you will be returned a total of 1000-1680% of your deposit after 30 = calendar days. The total Return On Investment (ROI) for this plan will be = 1680%, out of which, 100% will be your principal, and 1580% will be your = clear profit. For instance, if you make an investment of $1000 in this = plan, your total return after 30 calendar days will be $16800, out of = which, $1000 will be your principal, and $15800 will be your clear profit. = More short term and profitable plans you can find on your =93Make = deposit=94 page. Besides, you can find investment calculator on our = homepage.

Many InvStrategy clients always = ask me - is InvStrategy real registered company?
My answer is yes. InvStrategy group LTD is a subject of United kingdom = (UK) regulations and located in London.
From now on, you have opportunity to check out Certificate of = Incorporation on a new special page:

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That`s all news for today, Dear customers.
I hope you enjoy your profit and thanks to be part of InvStrategy.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Have a profitable week,
Steven Alonso
InvStrategy Group Limited"

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